What is the Best Method to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days?

The best method to lose 10 pounds in 30 days is probably the one that you follow each and every day of your life.

It should be healthy and you need to accept and have it as part of your life. It should include a healthy balanced diet as well as a regular workout exercise schedule. 

The secret to this kind of success is by ensuring that you have a plan before hand. You need to plan for all the meals that you take.

Without a plan, you may find that you are taking what is not healthy and that may delay your weight loss prospects.

Try these methods to lose 10 pounds in a month 

  • Carbohydrates are better taken very early in the morning. They have to be good though. The good ones include beans, oatmeal, brown rice and fruit. After 4pm you better just dont take any.


  • Plan for your dinner in a healthy way like you avoid red meat and instead take lean meat and include vegetables in that meal.


  • If you find the need to snack, you can do so in between meals and you can include a protein shake. No sugars at all even when you are taking yogurt.


  • Breakfast is a meal that you must never skip when you need to lose weight in a month. The stubborn last 10 pounds cannot go when you have the habit of skipping meals. Eat all meals and eat right.


  • You can try and have a walk exercise everyday for even just 30 minutes. Fast walk is one of the best ways to lose weight fast.


Remember, in order that you succeed in losing weight in a month, you have to set your mind right. You need to understand that this is a very realistic goal and you can do it with just a little more effort.

 You also need to be willing to adjust to a healthy lifestyle. You would need to define this and try to stick to it. The changes are not about denying yourself food; it is about living healthy and eating healthy.

 So, if you are asked, what is the best method to lose 10 pounds in 30 days, what would you say?

You need to be confident and answer that you need to have the right attitude about the healthy diet and lifestyle you are taking. This along with regular exercise will make even the most stubborn pounds go.

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