What is a Healthy BMI for Women?


BMI is a very good measure for knowing how we are doing with our body weight and fat. It helps you know which steps you should take in life.

As a woman, you would be more concerned about your looks and probably having a good shape. BMI for women chart would help you know where you are and what you can do.

 Therefore, you would need to find out how you are doing so that at least you have an idea of where you are. There is a calculator that you can find online to help you get your BMI. You may look good but when your BMI is not healthy, you may be forced to work on it.

 The BMI for women works the same way as that for men or even teenagers. The formula that is used to calculate it is the same. The indicators that are considered are also the same for both cases. So, you actually just need to have a look at where you are.

 Significance of BMI for women 

  • The BMI has to be normal for women. So, a woman should look at the chart and see how well they are doing and what they can do to improve the BMI. The normal values never change.


  • BMI determines whether or not a woman should enroll for a weight loss program or even stick to the diet that they currently have.


  • BMI helps you compare yourself with other women who are of same age, height and even weight like you.


  • BMI is an indicator of whether you are leading a healthy lifestyle or not. You can tell from the way you are fairing.


  • BMI points to you the right weight that you should target from the height that you have. Since you have no control over your height, you can control your weight and you will have it all.


  • All women need to regularly check their BMI so that they know how they are doing and take the necessary steps.

 In deed, you will realize that BMI for women is a very significant weight loss indicator. It helps you get your position so that you have an idea of what targets you need to set for weight loss. You will be pleased to know that all women who have healthy weights have always checked on their BMIs using the same calculator.

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