Ideal Body Weight Calculator 


For you to know your ideal body weight, you need to have the right calculator. There are four different ways that people use to calculate their ideal body weight.

You can consider them to see which one is the best for you. You will find this very helpful in your weight loss plans.  

The best calculator should take into account your weight and height. Your ideal body weight is dependent on your height and you cannot separate these two indicators if you are to get the right figure.


 The 4 body weight calculators


  • There are people who determine their ideal body weight based on the opinions that majority have. Most men imagine that when they have higher body weight, they look good. Well, this could be true but they are not healthy. Then, women on the contrary imagine that when they have unrealistically low body weight, they look good. So, there are people who have determined their ideal weight based on these preformed opinions and this is not healthy at all.


  • The other body weight calculator is the BMI index. This is actually the best because you are able to know how you rate and what is best for you. It is medically recommended and it takes into consideration both height and weight.


  • The other calculator used to determine ideal body weight is the metropolitan life tables. This depends on something known as the frame size. This is the size of your waistline. It takes into account no age modifiers and it gives false reports for short and tall people.


  • Finally, we have the Devine formulas. These formulas were initially used for specific medication doses determinations and they have since ceased to apply. It is amazing though that there are still people who use them.


So, as you can see, you have four calculators to make use. The decision you make will depend on how serious you are and what you are aiming at. It is one thing to know your ideal body weight and completely another to make the best use of the results.

 Should the calculator that is medically recommended indicate that you are over or under weight, you would need to act and do something about it. You have to ensure that you have just the right body weight and fat.

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