Harmful Effects of Being Overweight

 Are you feeling overweight? Yes, when you are overweight you will feel it. You can however do something about it.

You can get into a weight loss program and have that extra weight shed off. This will only be when you realize the kind of risks that you are facing with that overweight.

 Then, it is best that we start here. We need to understand the effects of being overweight because that is the only way you will be alert to the need of losing weight.


You can climb a weighing scale and get your weight and height measurements.

 With the measurements, you will need to get to the internet and locate the BMI calculator. Then, you would need to input the measurements so that your height and weight measurements are interpreted for you.

You would then be able to know how you are doing. If you turn out to be overweight, you have to read on to see the effects.

 The Harmful Effects of overweight


  • If you look at the BMI chart, you would notice that after being overweight and you do nothing about it, you are headed to being obese. So, you are at risk of obesity when you are overweight and this is a great problem.


  • Being overweight increases your risk of getting the Coronary Heart Disease. Most likely you will be overweight due to high cholesterol levels in your body and this is what causes this disease.



  • When you are overweight, you are at risk of having high blood pressure. This kills when it is so high and this is a major problem. So, there is risk of death when you do not manage the problem of overweight that you have.



  • Overweight is also a risk factor to diseases such as diabetes. Diabetes has no cure and so you need to be careful that you never get it. Managing it is also quite expensive and you need not predispose yourself to it.


  • When you are overweight you lose shape. So, you lose your beauty, you appear older than your age and this can kill your self esteem.


The effects of being overweight are all negative. This is why we need to struggle so hard that we never get to become overweight. We need to have healthy dieting and lifestyle habits.

 Alternatively, once you discover that you are overweight; you can try and work on losing weight so that the effects mentioned above do not get near you.

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