The Causes of Childhood Obesity


It is good to consider the causes of childhood obesity because this is the best way we can prevent it.

You need to deal with a problem when you know its root. Otherwise, you would just have to keep dealing with it because it will keep coming. There are several causes of childhood obesity as you will note.


Causes of obesity in children

 There are different causes of childhood obesity. Let us consider the main ones: 

  1. Genetic and hormonal factors play a role in childhood obesity. There are people who are generally obese and they could pass these traits to their children.


  1. The other cause is attitude influenced. There are parents who believe that being overweight or obese is fashionable. So, they will overfeed their children to ensure that they have this shape that is actually unhealthy.


  1. Some parents barely inculcate the importance of exercise in their children. So, the children never exercise and this has been a great cause of obese. Children need to exercise like adults everyday so that they burn out unwanted fats in the body.


  1. Poor feeding habits are a cause of childhood obesity. Many parents do not understand the risks of obesity and they encourage their children to engage in unhealthy snacking and poor diets that cause obesity.


  1. More than enough calories in the body will cause childhood obesity in children. Actually, this is the main cause. Whereas children need to have extra nutrients and calories to facilitate the daily activities that they engage in for growth and metabolism, there is need to watch the calories intake.

 You see that most times it is the parents who facilitate obesity in their children. They barely grasp the risk there is and they do not even care.

They assume that children do not need any special care in their body yet they expose them to so many unnecessary health risks.

 As a parent, you can choose to change all this. You can choose to block all the avenues that can cause childhood obesity in your beloved children.

At least there are some that you have control over and you have to take the control.

Otherwise, the causes of childhood obesity are not things that you cannot manage to prevent. Be a good model to your child. Practice healthy eating habits and lifestyles and you will see a difference.



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