Steps for Preventing Childhood Obesity


 The trends of childhood obesity are worrying. There is need for parents to do something so that the trends start taking the downward trend.

Children are still under parents and when they become obese, it is the parents to blame. That is why, this piece is ideal for all parents.

 You are responsible for the obesity of your child regardless of their age. Whether they are infants, teenagers or any age under your management, you have to be in control of their weights.

 Obesity in your child is a risk factor to many physical diseases such as hypertension and the type 2 diabetes.

 Treating obesity is not an easy task. But, we can prevent it. We can find ways by which we can work out things so that at least the children are not obese.

We will consider some of the most practical ways that parents can buy so that they help prevent the obesity in their children.

 Prevent child obesity


  • Parents should try to avoid encouraging their children to eat as a means of entertainment or even celebration. They can source for better and healthier ways of entertaining their children.


  • Ensure that you never give your child snacks when they are watching TV. You have to control TV watching and also be a role model during that time. You would need to be sure that your child is not feeling sidelined.


  • When your child is overweight and not yet obese, you have to get a remedy for the weight loss but this must not be herbal. There are worse side effects that can present with this or they may not work. The excess weight would advance to obesity if not managed.


  • Children are known to have frequent emotional blows. You must never use food as a crutch during such times. You would expose your child to obesity.


  • You should reduce soda, sweetened and caloric juice. These are some of the causes of excess weight and they would make your child obese.



  • Endeavor to give your child non food rewards. Even when they perform well in school or hit some milestones, you must not reward with food.


  • Always give your child healthy food and snacks. Vegetables and fruits must always be part of the diet.



  • Encourage your child to engage in physical activities more. This would help the lose weight and remain fit.


The greater role lies with the parent of the child. They set the pace and they model to their children on what healthy lifestyles they need to uptake. This would help reverse the trend of childhood obesity.

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