Body Mass Index Chart and How to Calculate Body Mass Index


Body Mass Index chart or the BMI chart is just a representation of the ideal body weight and fat that an individual should have when they are healthy. This chart is useful when trying to understand the weight of someone especially when there is suspicion that they could be overweight.

 Being underweight, overweight or even obese is health threat. There are so many other health problems that one can encounter when they lack ideal weight and that is why this chart is very important. However, it is also good that we try to understand how it is developed.


In trying to calculate BMI, there are factors that are usually taken into consideration. These include ones gender, age, height and weight. There are calculators that are available online so what you need to do is just to feed the right information on them and you would have your BMI.


Interpreting BMI


Unless you really know how to interpret the results from BMI calculator, it would be of no use to you. With the right interpretation, you would be able to take the right measures so that you get to your ideal weight. So, let us try to understand the possible results.


  • When you feed your information on the calculator and it gives you a result of 18.5 or less, you would know that you are underweight. You would need to see a doctor for medical attention. Maybe you have a condition that is not being attended to well or you just need nutritional advice.


  • When you get the result of between 18.5 and 24.9, you would know that you are very normal. You have the ideal weight for your height and you need to keep it up and maintain a healthy diet or feeding habit.


  • A result of 25.0 to 29.9 indicates that you are overweight. Now, you have to deal with this problem as soon as possible. You are at risk of conditions that present when you have excess weight.


  • Results of between 30.0 and 34.9 indicate that you are high obese. You should seek help immediately because this is not healthy. Maybe you are already diabetic or even hypertensive.


  • 35.0 to 39.9 signifies that you are already very high obese. Maybe this explains why you are sick on and off and are swallowing those high blood pressure drugs.


  • 40 plus is serious. You are extremely obese and unless you get into a quick weight loss program, you would be done.


It is good that you try and do something once you have known where you are in the BMI chart. Do not just use the BMI calculator and assume everything. Even when your BMI is normal, you need to do something to keep it there. Find some tips that would help you remain healthy.

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