Can you lose weight by simply climbing stairs twice a week?

 Is This Best Exercise for Weight Loss?

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 Is stair climbing sufficient to be your only exercising for fast and healthy weight loss? Or do you need to combine it with something else? There are differing opinions on this with some people claiming that stair exercises are enough to lose weight and keep it off, while another group of people disagree. The first group thinks that this is the simplest and best exercise to lose weight fast. Let us see both points of view.

Climbing stairs is a very good exercise as it helps in burning a lot of calories quickly. You can burn lots of calories in short period of time. On the flip side, the results seem to be short-lived too. Many of the experts will suggest that you keep your heart rate elevated for longer duration. Cardio exercises are best for this.

You can try to do cardio exercises daily for 30-60 minutes. It can be very helpful in burning away lots and lots of extra calories from your body. If you feel that doing 60 minutes of exercise is very difficult, then you can manage it by doing exercises at short intervals of 15 minutes or so. Do fifteen minutes of cario early in the morning. Then again, in the evenings etc. Thus, by breaking down, you can easily complete 60 minutes of cardio exercises every single day. Of course, you can count the stair climbing in your 60 minutes schedule.

However there are people who absolutely love this simple technique for losing weight fast and easy. For these people, climbing stairs is a superb tool for getting in shape. These people highly recommend stair exercises for anyone who is interested in improving his fitness, stamina, muscular strength and burning calories. They are in love with stair climbing exercises because there is no need for any special equipment.

Your Stair Climbing Exercise Routine
The same rules for other aerobic exercises apply here. You should aim to do these exercises at least twice or thrice per week. You might combine this with strength training if you like. Begin by warming up. In order to warm up, you need to climb the stairs slowly. You can climb anywhere between 15 to 25 flights of stairs in a slow, relaxed manner as a way of getting yourself warmed up.

Come down again (you can take the elevator for coming down). For your second round, climb about 20 flights at a faster pace than the first round. Again take the elevator down. Repeat the rounds and try to increase the speed little by little with each round. You can stop at round number 4 or 5. End it by doing a little bit of stretching exercises to help relax and cool you down.

Please keep in mind not to exhaust yourself too much. If you feel difficulty at any time, stop immediately. You should also consult a doctor before starting this exercise regime, specially if you suffer from any health problems or heart ailments.

Here is a word of caution for the over-enthusiastic. Make small increments. Start by doing this whole workout just once a week, then increase it to twice or thrice. Stair climbing can be very demanding, so only the young and healthy should attempt to do it at a fast pace. Older people may be better off doing it at a much slower pace. However, never forget to take the advice of your doctor first before starting this exercise routine on regular basis.

Even if you do the stair climbing exercises at a slower pace, you can burn a lot of calories. It is said that even with slow stair climbing, you can burn fat almost 3 times faster than just brisk walking. This is what New York Times has reported on the matter, you can read the full piece here –

Stair Climbing is Recommended by Experts
You might be surprised to know that football coaches and even cardiologists recommend stair climbing. Football coaches ask their players to climb the flight of stairs at the stadium in order to be in shape and improve stamina.

Wayne Wescott, PhD and author of ‘Get Stronger Feel Younger’, stresses that stair climbing is one of the most vigorous cardio-vascular exercises. He states that it is actually better to break down a 30 minute workout session into 3 sessions lasting 10 minutes each. He also has other helpful tips for people who want to try out stair climbing as a way to lose weight fast and easy. You can read more about it here –

Success Stories Shared by People
Given below are some stories shared by real people about the success they experienced with stair climbing exercises.

One person reports that last summer he spent a lot of time running up and down stairs of his house as his parents had come to visit him. The result was he lost 12 pounds during that period. Isn’t that amazing?

Another person who works in a 12 story building claims that he climbs stairs during lunchtime. He does this on regular basis and claims that as a result of this he has developed strong legs as well as improved his overall endurance.

Then there is another person who is either too lazy to exercise or doesn’t have sufficient time. So what she has done is started going up and down the stairs everyday for at least 20 minutes. This is all the exercise she does during her afternoon break at work. She sees this as a very easy and convenient way to get some exercise and maintain fitness inspite of having a very busy schedule.

Stair Stepper Machine Vs Treadmills Vs Real Stair Climbing
Findings of research done by Harvard Medical School in the year 2004 revealed that stair-stepper machines are much better than treadmills for burning fat. You can lose weight faster by using a stair-stepper than you would by walking at the rate of 4.5 mph on a treadmill.

Stair-steppers are better than treadmills because they provide a much higher impact exercise. However, even stair-steppers cannot take the place of actual stair climbing. Real stair climbing has much more to offer than using a machine. Moreover, with real stair climbing, you don’t have to buy any expensive equipment and you can do it at any place or any building which has a flight of stairs that are not too steep.

Stair climbing is really an easy way to lose weight fast. If you do enough of it regularly, then you may shed a lot of pounds and see difference in yourself within a month! And it would be great if you can combine it with a good dieting plan as well, such as this one – Extreme Fat Loss

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