Find out how a 21 year old guy lost 90 pounds of excess weight – Can you repeat the story?

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 Here is a very inspiring story of a young guy who lost nearly 89 pounds to get back in shape. Reading such real life stories should have a deep impact on people who are trying desperately to lose weight and have still not succeeded. But if you properly apply yourself, you might taste success too!

The trick is to find something that really motivates you to stick to a diet plan. In the case of Fahad Aejaz, he used the fear of being ridiculed at college as the main motivating factor for trying aggressively and determinedly to lose weight. And he succeeded…

You too need to find out what really is the main motivation factor which really produces strong emotions in you. I am not talking about health reasons or any other common reasons. We all know that losing excess weight is good for health. But still people fail to stick to a diet plan, exercise regularly, avoid junk food and develop healthy eating habits.

Find out a personal motivation factor which really produces strong emotions inside you when you think about it. For somebody, it could be to gain back the attraction of their spouse, for others it could be being energetic enough to play with their kids etc.

The reason can seem trivial to others but for you, it is a very important one. It is your own personal reason which is unique to yourself. If you can pinpoint such a reason, your determination to do all it takes to lose weight can skyrocket.

In the above mentioned case, Fahad Aejaz had a very big fear of being ridiculed at college. Another big regret he had was that he could no longer play sports as he used to earlier. This was a major disappointment for him.

These 2 reasons combined together produced a fierce determination in the 21 one year old to embark aggressively on his weight losing mission. And he tasted success much to the delight of his family. And this case should also help in cheering you up because there is still hope for you even if you failed several times before.

Advice Shared by Fahad for Losing Weight:
Our hero, Fahad Aejaz, has some words of advice for us. The first one is to exercise patience. When he joined the gym for losing weight, he couldn’t lost any weight at all for nearly 2 months. One of the reasons was his love for junk food which he was finding difficult to overcome.

His gym instructor advised him to eat only carbs before a workout and then nothing after it. Fahad also got into the habit of eating boiled vegetables. He also combined cardio exercises with strength training as too much cardio can also eat up some of the muscle mass in your body, according to the gym instructor.

Fahad also focused on right breathing while he lifted weights. Initially it was difficult to focus on his breathing while exercising, but he got used to it after some time. This proved to be very beneficial for quick weight loss.

How does Fahad keep up with this rigorous regime? Here are his own words in this regard: “What keeps me on track is the fear of being laughed at once again. That is enough to help me get motivated, stay energetic and work to be in better shape than ever! ”

I came across this story here – How I Lost 39 Kg

I thought that people in the quest for losing weight will find this story very inspiring, motivating, interesting and pick up some good points as well.

Your homework after reading this case study is to find out your own compelling reasons which may strongly move you emotionally and make you determined to make any sacrifices to lose weight, get in shape and achieve fitness.

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