Can you lose weight by simply climbing stairs twice a week?

 Is This Best Exercise for Weight Loss?

In this page, we will try to answer the question in detail. But before that, I want you to check out a new dieting program for  fast weight loss – Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Plan.Now let us continue with our topic…

 Is stair climbing sufficient to be your only exercising for fast and healthy weight loss? Or do you need to combine it with something else? There are differing opinions on this with some people claiming that stair exercises are enough to lose weight and keep it off, while another group of people disagree. The first group thinks that this is the simplest and best exercise to lose weight fast. Let us see both points of view.

Climbing stairs is a very good exercise as it helps in burning a lot of calories quickly. You can burn lots of calories in short period of time. On the flip side, the results seem to be short-lived too. Many of the experts will suggest that you keep your heart rate elevated for longer duration. Cardio exercises are best for this.

You can try to do cardio exercises daily for 30-60 minutes. It can be very helpful in burning away lots and lots of extra calories from your body. If you feel that doing 60 minutes of exercise is very difficult, then you can manage it by doing exercises at short intervals of 15 minutes or so. Do fifteen minutes of cario early in the morning. Then again, in the evenings etc. Thus, by breaking down, you can easily complete 60 minutes of cardio exercises every single day. Of course, you can count the stair climbing in your 60 minutes schedule.

However there are people who absolutely love this simple technique for losing weight fast and easy. For these people, climbing stairs is a superb tool for getting in shape. These people highly recommend stair exercises for anyone who is interested in improving his fitness, stamina, muscular strength and burning calories. They are in love with stair climbing exercises because there is no need for any special equipment.

Your Stair Climbing Exercise Routine
The same rules for other aerobic exercises apply here. You should aim to do these exercises at least twice or thrice per week. You might combine this with strength training if you like. Begin by warming up. In order to warm up, you need to climb the stairs slowly. You can climb anywhere between 15 to 25 flights of stairs in a slow, relaxed manner as a way of getting yourself warmed up.

Come down again (you can take the elevator for coming down). For your second round, climb about 20 flights at a faster pace than the first round. Again take the elevator down. Repeat the rounds and try to increase the speed little by little with each round. You can stop at round number 4 or 5. End it by doing a little bit of stretching exercises to help relax and cool you down.

Please keep in mind not to exhaust yourself too much. If you feel difficulty at any time, stop immediately. You should also consult a doctor before starting this exercise regime, specially if you suffer from any health problems or heart ailments.

Here is a word of caution for the over-enthusiastic. Make small increments. Start by doing this whole workout just once a week, then increase it to twice or thrice. Stair climbing can be very demanding, so only the young and healthy should attempt to do it at a fast pace. Older people may be better off doing it at a much slower pace. However, never forget to take the advice of your doctor first before starting this exercise routine on regular basis.

Even if you do the stair climbing exercises at a slower pace, you can burn a lot of calories. It is said that even with slow stair climbing, you can burn fat almost 3 times faster than just brisk walking. This is what New York Times has reported on the matter, you can read the full piece here –

Stair Climbing is Recommended by Experts
You might be surprised to know that football coaches and even cardiologists recommend stair climbing. Football coaches ask their players to climb the flight of stairs at the stadium in order to be in shape and improve stamina.

Wayne Wescott, PhD and author of ‘Get Stronger Feel Younger’, stresses that stair climbing is one of the most vigorous cardio-vascular exercises. He states that it is actually better to break down a 30 minute workout session into 3 sessions lasting 10 minutes each. He also has other helpful tips for people who want to try out stair climbing as a way to lose weight fast and easy. You can read more about it here –

Success Stories Shared by People
Given below are some stories shared by real people about the success they experienced with stair climbing exercises.

One person reports that last summer he spent a lot of time running up and down stairs of his house as his parents had come to visit him. The result was he lost 12 pounds during that period. Isn’t that amazing?

Another person who works in a 12 story building claims that he climbs stairs during lunchtime. He does this on regular basis and claims that as a result of this he has developed strong legs as well as improved his overall endurance.

Then there is another person who is either too lazy to exercise or doesn’t have sufficient time. So what she has done is started going up and down the stairs everyday for at least 20 minutes. This is all the exercise she does during her afternoon break at work. She sees this as a very easy and convenient way to get some exercise and maintain fitness inspite of having a very busy schedule.

Stair Stepper Machine Vs Treadmills Vs Real Stair Climbing
Findings of research done by Harvard Medical School in the year 2004 revealed that stair-stepper machines are much better than treadmills for burning fat. You can lose weight faster by using a stair-stepper than you would by walking at the rate of 4.5 mph on a treadmill.

Stair-steppers are better than treadmills because they provide a much higher impact exercise. However, even stair-steppers cannot take the place of actual stair climbing. Real stair climbing has much more to offer than using a machine. Moreover, with real stair climbing, you don’t have to buy any expensive equipment and you can do it at any place or any building which has a flight of stairs that are not too steep.

Stair climbing is really an easy way to lose weight fast. If you do enough of it regularly, then you may shed a lot of pounds and see difference in yourself within a month! And it would be great if you can combine it with a good dieting plan as well, such as this one – Extreme Fat Loss

More Ways to Lose Weight Fast:
Different people lose weight in different ways. Some do it by exercising regularly, some through healthy eating diet plan. There are numerous ways to lose weight in a healthy manner as discussed in different articles on this website. Check out the given articles:

How to lose weight fast – This article is about losing weight by eating apples daily.

Honey for weight loss – This article points out benefits of honey in weight loss and for treating obesity.





Find out how a 21 year old guy lost 90 pounds of excess weight – Can you repeat the story?

 But before go into that story, I want you to check out a new dieting program for  fast weight loss – Extreme Fat Loss Diet Plan. Now let us continue with our story for today…

 Here is a very inspiring story of a young guy who lost nearly 89 pounds to get back in shape. Reading such real life stories should have a deep impact on people who are trying desperately to lose weight and have still not succeeded. But if you properly apply yourself, you might taste success too!

The trick is to find something that really motivates you to stick to a diet plan. In the case of Fahad Aejaz, he used the fear of being ridiculed at college as the main motivating factor for trying aggressively and determinedly to lose weight. And he succeeded…

You too need to find out what really is the main motivation factor which really produces strong emotions in you. I am not talking about health reasons or any other common reasons. We all know that losing excess weight is good for health. But still people fail to stick to a diet plan, exercise regularly, avoid junk food and develop healthy eating habits.

Find out a personal motivation factor which really produces strong emotions inside you when you think about it. For somebody, it could be to gain back the attraction of their spouse, for others it could be being energetic enough to play with their kids etc.

The reason can seem trivial to others but for you, it is a very important one. It is your own personal reason which is unique to yourself. If you can pinpoint such a reason, your determination to do all it takes to lose weight can skyrocket.

In the above mentioned case, Fahad Aejaz had a very big fear of being ridiculed at college. Another big regret he had was that he could no longer play sports as he used to earlier. This was a major disappointment for him.

These 2 reasons combined together produced a fierce determination in the 21 one year old to embark aggressively on his weight losing mission. And he tasted success much to the delight of his family. And this case should also help in cheering you up because there is still hope for you even if you failed several times before.

Advice Shared by Fahad for Losing Weight:
Our hero, Fahad Aejaz, has some words of advice for us. The first one is to exercise patience. When he joined the gym for losing weight, he couldn’t lost any weight at all for nearly 2 months. One of the reasons was his love for junk food which he was finding difficult to overcome.

His gym instructor advised him to eat only carbs before a workout and then nothing after it. Fahad also got into the habit of eating boiled vegetables. He also combined cardio exercises with strength training as too much cardio can also eat up some of the muscle mass in your body, according to the gym instructor.

Fahad also focused on right breathing while he lifted weights. Initially it was difficult to focus on his breathing while exercising, but he got used to it after some time. This proved to be very beneficial for quick weight loss.

How does Fahad keep up with this rigorous regime? Here are his own words in this regard: “What keeps me on track is the fear of being laughed at once again. That is enough to help me get motivated, stay energetic and work to be in better shape than ever! ”

I came across this story here – How I Lost 39 Kg

I thought that people in the quest for losing weight will find this story very inspiring, motivating, interesting and pick up some good points as well.

Your homework after reading this case study is to find out your own compelling reasons which may strongly move you emotionally and make you determined to make any sacrifices to lose weight, get in shape and achieve fitness.

More Ways to Lose Weight Fast:
People use a lot of ways to lose weight. Some exercise a lot regularly, others go on low carb dieting or low fat dieting. Here are some articles on our site on different ways of losing weight fast.

How to lose weight fast – This article is about losing weight by eating apples daily.

Honey for weight loss – This article points out benefits of honey in weight loss and for treating obesity.a

Climbing stairs for weight loss – Do this everyday and you can get in shape pretty quickly.







Do you want to end your weight loss suffering by following a dead simple advice?

In this page, I will point out an easy trick to lose weight fast. But before you read further, I want you to check out a new program for really fast weight loss – Super Fat Loss Diet Plan.This program is designed for people who are not too fond of exercises. It teaches you how to lose weight fast without exercise. However, the program also outlines some exercises, but they form a small part or component of the whole program. Keep in mind that it is not like your regular lose weigh fast crash diet plans. No way! Just check it out to know how it is different from others. 

Here, in this article, I will teach you a simple tip that can be one of the best ways to lose weight fast ! It is about eating apples. No diet pills. Lose weight fast without pills and in a healthy manner by eating apples.You might see faster results if you stick to it for a few days like 2 weeks or a month. It is really not difficult.

How to Lose Weight Fast with Apples
Losing weight fast and easy is a dream of many. But many people lack sufficient time or inclination for vigorous exercises, or rigid diets. So they look for easy weight loss methods.Here is a simple trick for fast weight loss which is also healthy at the same time. However don’t expect to lose weight overnight. Stick to this plan for a few days.  

How Can Apples Help in Fast, Healthy Weight Loss?
The simple trick to fast weight loss is to eat at least 3 apple a day at different times. You can eat it before meals and/or eat it as snacks.

A lot of people eat unhealthy snacks like candy bars, chips, junk food etc. It is difficult to give up this habit quickly.

So, a wise thing is to replace the snacks with something healthier. This can make a huge difference to your weight.

Now for the next few days – instead of eating unhealthy snacks,  reach out for an apple or banana whenever you want to snack. 

Initially it may be difficult. But you can get used to it pretty soon. A simple snack replacement can prove to be one of the best ways to lose weight fast and easy.

Apples Before Meals

You can also eat apples during lunch or dinner. Apples fill your stomach faster as they contain pectin. Pectin is known to make you feel full and you will also retain that feeling for a longer time.

Another great thing about apples is that they are very low in calories. Munching on apples can satisfy your hunger pangs without putting too many calories in your body.  

Caution: It is not recommended to lose weight by cutting down other food groups and eating only just a couple of foods.  A balanced healthy diet plan is the best one. Here is one such program – Super fat loss

Practicing Moderation:
Apples can help in fast weight loss, but don’t get carried away. Eat them in moderation. Maybe 3-4 in a day.

If you can’t eat so many apples a day, then substitute a couple of apples with bananas, cucumber, carrots etc. as snack replacements.

Follow this tip for a month or so. The result can be healthy, easy weight loss and better fitness for you.

The important thing is to combine this tip with some good weight loss program. This can accelerate the results you get!Remember this is not a lose weight fast diet plan. It is just a trick or technique. Better results can be achieved by combining this trick with some good dieting plan. 

This trick can help you to lose weight fast, naturally and safely!

To lose weight fast within 10 – 15 days, click here: Fastest weight loss

Losing Weight with Lemonade Diet – Lemonade dieting is a popular way to lose weight fast, although not the healthiest one. Here are 4 simple steps to follow this plan – how to lose weight fast with lemonade diet

Why You Need to Follow a Good Weight Loss Program?

Weight loss is a difficult job. You need expert guidance. Following a couple of tips like eating apples etc, will not help much in long run. You need a step by step plan formulated by experts.

You just cannot underestimate the importance of a good fast weight loss program. However, beware of many diet plans available in the market. Most of them are ineffective and not safe.

What you also need is how to stick to a diet plan once you start it. Here is a great resource which can help you out – Succeed with any diet plan

Free Weight Loss Software – Develop Healthy Habits Without WillPower

If you struggle to follow any diet plan consistently, then here is a free software tool to help you out. It is a great and free tool. It is designed to help you develop healthy habits without using your will power too much. Develop these habits subconsciously just by running the program for a few minutes daily. It is free so there is no harm in checking it out – Weight Loss Software


Top Quality Weight Loss Products

1.    4Weight Control is made with clinically researched rain forest herbs! Addresses the major factors involved in healthy weight loss: Thyroid health, Appetite cravings, Metabolism, Blood sugar levels, Fat burning, Water retention, Poor elimination and more… 60 Vegetarian Capsules – Click Here to Buy

You can even get capsules for apple cider vinegar. US citizens can purchase from here – Apple cider vinegar capsules

2. Another great weight loss program:

Here is a popular weight loss program and you can see results in just 10-15 days. Check out this website – Best Fast weight loss plan

The above mentioned program can help you lose weight fast up to 10 pounds or even 15 or 20 pounds. You can lose weight fast and healthy without exercises.

Hope you have found this article helpful.

3. Learn how to lose weight with apple cider vinegar – apple vinegar weight loss

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50 Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Being overweight carries many health hazards with it. It increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and numerous other health problems.

You may like this good article which mentions 50 ways to lose weight and get slimmer. This article is from Reader’s Digest website, which is a popular magazine. The article contains tips to lose weight fast with brief description about each tip. It is an easy read.

Some of the tips are very interesting like tip #10. This tip mentions that color blue helps in suppressing our appetite. So having a blue table-cloth or blue plates to eat in, can help in eating less. Wow! This is surely an interesting technique I never heard before. Should give it a try and see the results.

Another technique discussed in this article is related to human psychology. We will try our best to achieve something if we set our hearts and mind to it. A good way to have strong motivation to not gain back the weight you have lost is to discard the "fat clothes" we had and which no longer fit us.

Now if you gain back the weight which you lost, you will have to buy clothes again. This thought should prove a deterrent and help us avoid those habits which can result in weight gain. Many times such mind techniques can prove really effective to lose weight fast.

Do you think there is any connection between sleep and weight loss?

Better sleep can help in faster weight loss. To really improve the quality of sleep, why not try honey?

Yes, you heard it right. Honey is very good for  fast weight loss. If you don’t believe me, then read the following articles:

Benefits of honey in weight loss

Honey and weight loss

Honey is said to be very good for metabolism. It can also help in promoting healthy, proper sleep. This is also very beneficial for weight loss.

Combine Apples and Honey:

Why not combine apples and honey for very fast weight loss? Eat atleast 3 apples a day (1 before each meal) and instead of artificial sweeteners or sugar, use honey as much as possible. Have a tablespoon of honey at bedtime.

All this can promote much faster and healthier weight loss. Now you can enjoy fast weight loss and avoid unhealthy methods too! If you can combine this with exercising, then that’s great. Exercises like cycling can be good for weight loss. Jumping rope is another good and fun exercise to lose weight fast.

Apple is beneficial for detoxifying your body. It is a good source of vitamins, minerals, fiber. It has high water content and low fat and low in calories. What more do you want! It is tasty and can replace your regular fattening snacks. Such a kind of diet that is tasty, high in nutrition and low in calories is one of the secrets to permanent weight loss.

If you found this article useful, don’t forget to download your free weight loss report – Free Weight Loss Report

Also check out how to lose weight fast at home – home weight loss made easy

How to control eating habits


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How to Lose Weight Fast Without Much Effort


It is possible to lose weight fast. Even so, you would need to have the first hand information on how you can do that effectively.

With the information, you can then see whether you are implementing what you know or you are building a way to a worse position than where you already are.

 In this article, we would try to see how others have been able to lose weight fast and you too can take the tips so that you have the right weight that you need to have really fast.

Before we get there, try to understand what you ideal weight is. Using the BMI calculator, you should be able to know whether you are overweight or not.

 However, there are three secrets that you can make use of so that you lose weight when you have discovered that you have exceeded your ideal weight.

 Special lunch and dinner once a week

 Giving yourself a special treat once in a while is important. This does not have to be revelry or drinking spree only.

You can give yourself a special treat that would have a positive impact on your health and well being. Weight loss is one of the prospects you can have in mind when planning something special.

 In a lunch or dinner once a week, you can decide to have a meal that is purely healthy. This is a meal that has no component of cheese or even meat of any type. This is special because you would have taken nothing that would contribute to your adding weight.

 Plenty of water

 Then, you can also make a habit of taking water in plenty. Water is life and for this case we can say that water is health.

When you lose weight or manage your weight, you would be seeking better health. So, what you would have to do is to try and have the water in plenty.

 You can take water when you are watching TV, this will ensure that you are not having any craves for soda or juice.

These two have sugar that is not healthy at all to your life. So, when you are used to taking water instead, you would lose weight real fast.

 Milk without fat

 Milk is good but for you to lose weight fast; you would need to be sure that the milk you are taking has no traces of fat.

You have to work toward insisting on milk without fat at all times. The fat will add you fat and this is what makes you have extra weight that is not ideal.

 Besides these three, you can choose to change for the better. You can additionally choose to have snacks that are healthy.

Think about grating carrots and you take it as snacks. Carrots are very healthy and they will keep you from snack that is not healthy.

 If you can also manage to get whole grains, you better include them in your diet. They are very healthy and will help you lose weight really fast.

 Find out how to lose weight fast within 2 weeks without dieting – Fast, Easy Weight Loss


Quick and Easy Weight Loss Tips


If you are battling with extra weight and fat, this topic must have grabbed your attention. Quick and easy weight loss is a dream for many.

Well, we would look at three ways that can help you lose the weight that you do not need. Remember, excess weight is harmful to your health and at the same time it spoils your image.

 Many are the cases where extra weight is a result of careless feeding habits and lifestyles. This no doubt, is an image that you would not want others to have about you. Excess weight is responsible for most low self esteems.

 Therefore, we would look at the three ways you can lose weight real quick and also long term. It is not good to lose weight and spot a good shape in one week and then after a while you are back to where you had been with the weight.

 The three tips for quick and easy weight loss 

Below are 3 simple tips for quick and easy weight loss so that you can achieve your dream weight. Quick and easy weight loss is definitely possible and not an impossible goal like so many people feel!

1.      Exercise is the number one way you would lose weight fast. However, you would need to know which exercise is right and what targets you need to have. It is important to be realistic when setting the exercise and weight loss targets. You need to meet them.

 In order that you enjoy the exercise, there are some prior arrangements that you should make. You need to be sure that you have enough space where you will have the exercise. You also need to be prepared with the right tools for the exercise and comfortable shoes.

 The exercise should not be too complicated. You can start with a few jogs or jumps. The idea is to burn the fat and when you can get busy for even just 30 minutes a day, there will be a great difference in your weight. Excess body fat results in excess weight. 

2.      The next effective way of quick and easy weight loss is by training yourself to mind what you eat. This sounds a simple task but it never is. When you widen out and visit friends and cafes, you are likely to meet temptation where you would not know what you should be eating. 

Unhealthy foods that are rich in calories, fats and sugars are the biggest contribution to the weight that we would be having. What you should do it to be careful in the proportions of these that you take. 

3.      Finally, you can try to eat slowly. After you know what is right to eat, you also need to know that you should eat slowly so that the food is digested well. When digestion does not take place well in our bodies, most of the food we take would form deposits that would result in excess weight. 

The secret to this is to have a feeding program. You need to schedule time to eat. You would know that the time is scheduled for eating and you would not be in a hurry. That way you would also chew the food properly and that would make digestion possible and quick.

If you can take these three tips, you would be able to lose weight really quick and fast. Soon, you would be spotting your ideal size and weight. You will even feel beautiful.

Many people are impatient and lazy. They do not want to work hard or wait for results. That is the reason they want quick and easy weight loss methods. Find out how to lose weight fast and easy by eating pineapples – Easy Pineapple Diet