How to increase metabolism?

Whenever we eat food, it is converted into energy. Metabolism refers to how the body processes the food that we eat. So metabolism is about the way and not the speed of converting food into energy.

Many people think that in order to lose weight they need to increase metabolism speed. They ask questions like – ‘how to increase metabolism?’

Instead of faster or slower metabolism, it is better to address it as efficient vs inefficient metabolism.

Metabolism Explained Further
There are various components of metabolism as explained below:

Basal metabolism – Nearly 60% of the calories you eat everyday are spent in providing energy for basic and essential body functions which are necessary to keep us alive. Even if we lie in bed all day long, we would still require this much energy for our basic body functioning.

Physical activities
– Nearly 20-25% of the calories are spent for physical activities. Obviously the more physically active you are, the more calories are burned and spent for this.

Food thermic effect – Energy is required even to process and digest the food you eat. If you are eating around 2000 calories per day, you need 10% of this (200 calories) just for digesting that much amount of food you have eaten.

Formula For Maintaining Weight:
Calories consumed = Calories spent in basal metabolism + calories spent in physical activity + calories spent for digesting food

Formula for Losing Weight:
In order to maintain weight you should burn as much calories as you are consuming. To lose weight, you need to reduce calorie intake, or increase calorie expenditure, or do both.

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Hope you found this article useful about how to increase metabolism for fastest weight loss.
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