Healthy Weight Loss Eating and Exercise Plan


So you want to lose weight and are looking for some healthy weight loss plan or program, am I right? This is a good thing. You should be considerate of your health and not want to spoil your health in search for a weight loss solution.


In this site, I try to point out only such advice or resources that do not adversely affect your health.

Any good and healthy weight loss plan should include healthy dieting as well as little bit of  physical exercise. Combining both can have excellent effects rather than just focusing on 1 thing.

Overcoming Unhealthy Eating Habits

Lets see how you can have a healthy eating plan for weight loss. In order to fully understand what healthy eating should comprise of, let us first delve into what unhealthy dieting comprises of so that we can steer clear of them.

Unhealthy diets are those that do not allow you to eat all kinds of foods. Carbs, fat, sugar etc. are all needed by your body to an extent and these should be eaten in moderation. Any diet that doesnt allow you to do this is actually an impractical and unhealthy diet.

Furthermore, any weight loss diet plan that asks you to starve yourself throughout the day and doesnt allow you to eat much, is also not good for your health. This would lessen your metabolism rate after a few days which is infact bad for your weight loss. That is the reason why many people stop losing further weight after some time when they are on such impractical starvation diets.

And avoiding junk food is another important point to achieve healthy weight loss and fitness. Junk food is any food that is bad for your body and has low nutritional value. Food with high sugar content, crispy items which are high in fat and salt, food that have too much oil, carbonated drinks etc. are just a few examples of junk food you can do good to avoid as much as possible.

Your Personal healthy diet plan for weight loss

So now you have a basic idea of bad dieting habits, let us now move on to the topic of healthy eating plan for weight loss and fitness.

There is some good news for you folks here! You can have a healthy diet plan that tastes good too. A good balanced diet need not necessarily be something you dislike. There are a lot of tasty things in this world which are good for the health too. You just need to get into the habit of them. Then you will find them more pleasing to eat than junk food.

Developing good eating habits can stand you in good stead in other areas of your life too. A healthy body, a clear mind, more energy and being in good spirits – can be a few blessings that come with healthy eating lifestyle.

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A good place to start with is including lots of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables in your diet everyday. There are a lot of advantages in eating fresh fruits and vegetables but sadly many people and specially children are not encouraged to develop this habit.

Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and disease-fighting phytochemicals. They can help your body fight against heart diseases, blood pressure and even certain types of cancer.


Because they are low in fat and high in fiber they can be good for weight loss too. Some fruits and vegetables like carrots, cabbage, lettuce, apples etc. are natural fat burners too.

But practice moderation in eating fruits as they contain fructose which if eaten a lot can cause a little weight gain also. But eating in moderation is absolutely recommended for weight loss as well as good health.


Another good eating habit is to eat smaller meals during the day. Do not starve yourself when you feel hungry but eat less than you normally would and get up before your stomach gets filled. It is better to eat smaller and more frequent meals than large meals. Eat when you feel hungry and get up before you get filled.

Drink lots of water during the day as it keeps your body hydrated and has innumerable other benefits too.  When you dont drink enough water, your body will tend to hold on to the water that it has, which can lead to extra water weight in the body. So surprisingly drinking enough water will actually cause your body to hold less water.

Eat foods that are high in fiber content. Fiber helps your digestion and it makes you feel full faster, so its a good idea to eat foods with fiber content.

These were just a few general suggestions and pointers to you on what a good, healthy diet plan for fast weight loss should be. For more in-depth coverage of this topic and for weight loss meal and menu plan, check out this program which is getting good reviews from people all over Weight Loss 4 Idiots Solution


Healthy weight loss exercise plan

Before beginning an exercise plan, it is better to consult your doctor first to check your fitness levels first. At least get your pulse and blood pressure checked.

Then make a realistic plan and not something which you would not be able to continue for very long. The exercise plan should not overburden or exhaust you. Its better to start slowly and build on gradually.

One more important point is to get serious minded about keeping with your exercise schedule, even on days when you dont feel like it or are very tired or busy. That is why it is important to have a realistic exercise plan in the first place. The secret is to start little and do it consistently.


Your healthy weight loss exercise plan can comprise of some of these easy exercises:

  1. Walking: Walking is a great exercise which can exercise your whole body. It is easy enough to do by people of almost all ages. The secret is to walk everyday, preferably twice a day for atleast 10 minutes each.

Try to increase your walking time gradually, but do take your time. Remember that exercise is for life, and not something you do just for a few days and then give up. So dont be in a hurry and use your common sense.

  1. Cycling: Here also start with an easy to follow routine like 10-15 minutes per day, then slowly build up more when you feel like it and it becomes easy for you. Dont strain yourself too much here also.


3. Home Exercises: If you cannot get out due to weather or any other problems, you can do home exercises also like running on the spot, doing some mild stretching exercises etc.


I am planning to add a separate section on this website for healthy weight loss exercise plan and routines. In that I plan to cover this topic in greater detail and point out various exercises and their benefits in weight loss. I hope to do it soon. So check back later for such a section.


In concluding this article, let us touch upon all the things that we discussed so far. First of all, combine both exercise and good eating habits for successful and healthy weight loss.

Secondly avoid fad diets, crash diets, diet pills, starving yourself to lose weight. Instead concentrate on the healthy eating plan for weight loss I have briefly outlined.

Include exercises in your daily schedule for fitness. Start small, and slowly build on more but never strain yourself too much while exercising. And remember that whatever changes you plan to make, whether it is of changing your eating habits or exercising more, it should be a permanent change and not just for a limited time. So all the best! Hope you have enjoyed this article and found it useful.