Milk Is The Most Perfect Food

Tips to Include More Milk in Your Diet

Milk is the most perfect food. It contains all the things the body needs in better proportions than any other food. Milk makes strong bodies. It fights fatigue and helps make persona active. It builds strong bones and teeth. Something in milk makes children grow. Children must have milk. Milk is a necessity in the diet of the child and a safety in the diet of the grown person. It is easily digested. It keeps children well by buildiug a resistance to disease. Give the child a chance to be strong and healthy. Give all children milk.

Ice cream is a nutritions desert. It is healthful for it contains much milk. Its flavour coaxes the appetite. You can end your meal in a pleasing way by serving ice cream for the desert.

Skim milk and buttermilk contain minerals which build the bones and teeth, protein which builds the body, and sugar which help keep the foody warm aud gives energy. They are both cheap. Cook with them. They are excellent liquids to use in baking. Buttermilk is a healthful drink as it stimulates the digestion. If you wish to be well and economical use plenty of buttermilk ami skim milk in your kitchen.

Butter is the best fat. It is expensive but it is worth its cost. Butter contains a substance necessary to growth. Most butter substitutes not contain this growth material. None of them have as much as butter. Use butter, cream or whole milk. You need the growth substance.

Cheese is made of the body building material of milk. It contains leas water than most foods. Almost all the cheese we eat is used by the body. There is little waste to it. Cheese can be used in the place of meat. Many attractive dishes may he made by combining it with starcy foods such as potatoes, rice and macaroni. Cheese adds flavor and protein to a meal. It should be eaten only when it is ripe, for when it is green it is less digestible. Buy good health and save money by using cheese in your meals.

Cottage cheese is a healthful food. It is made from the curd of milk. It build the muscles and blood. Use cottage cheese in some of your meals in place of meat. It is cheaper and it is just as nutritions.

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