People Lost Weight After Eating Snacks

Do you think snacking is a bad habit? Think again!!!

Do you think that snacking habit can lead to weight gain? You may be wrong.

While frequent snacking habit can be disastrous to your health and weight, but when you do it in controlled way and in a certain manner, then you can  even achieve positive results with it. If you don’t believe me then read what the recent research has to say about it!

A study was conducted by U.S. National Weight Control Registry . It found out that healthy snacks can in fact lead to weight loss rather than weight gain. However you have to snack in controlled measure and not go overboard with it.

First of all, it is advisable to snack during day rather than late in the evenings or night. Secondly, you need to choose your snacks wisely. If you eat healthy snacks then they can help you avoid hunger packs and also overeating at meals.

The study conducted by US NWCR involved more than 5000 men and women. It was found that people who were successful in losing more than 70 pounds often ate during the day. They used to eat snacks between meals. Maybe this prevented them from overeating at meals. But the important thing is that they ate only healthy snacks between meals.

Healthy snacking can provide your body with energy and keep hunger pangs or sugar cravings at bay. Through healthy snacks, you can provide your body with essential nutrients like minerals, fiber etc.

In order to try out this strategy, eat healthy snacks like raw fruits or vegetables between meals. Men should consume snacks in the range of 200-250 calories, while females should restrict their snacks to 150-200 calorie range.

So its good news for the folks. You can actually help yourself in the battle against obesity through the help of healthy snacking. You can read more details on this research here – Healthy snacks for weight loss

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