Introduction to Calorie Deficit

Weight loss is essentially about creating calorie deficit in your body. When you eat the same number of calories that you burn, your weight will stay the same. When you burn more than you eat, you will lose weight.

So losing weight is about increasing the calorie deficit in our body. But there is a problem here. There are healthy as well as unhealthy methods of creating calorie deficit.

What we need to aim for is to create calorie deficit through healthy means. The advantages of doing so are that our weight loss will likely be a permanent one and not a short term loss.

We also need to remember that we should not try to create too big a calorie deficit in the hope of losing weight rapidly. We have to operate within sensible boundaries.

For creating calorie deficit to lose weight, you should do 2 things. Start eating less than you normally do and start burning more calories than you normally do.

You have to do both these things staying within limits. If you try to burn a lot of calories by exercising too much, you are likely to injure yourself or spoil your health.

At the same time, drastically cutting down your calorie intake is also going to do you more harm than good. This is what most of the fad diets in the market do. They try to restrict your calorie intake too much.

Instead of tracking the calories of everything you eat during the day and trying to come up with ways of burning the extra calories, why not take the help of an expert in this regard.

You have 2 options – either consult an experienced nutritionist or weight loss expert who will come up with a personalized diet plan according to your health, body, sex and age. This is the best option, but it can be expensive to seek the help of such an experienced professional. If you can afford it, then this option is definitely a very good one.

A second good option is to go for a weight loss program in the market which is popular one and is designed by fitness and weight loss experts. However, before starting it, you should make sure that this program is a healthy one and does not include unhealthy methods in order to lose weight too rapidly.

A good program is from Tom Venuto – Burn the Fat Program

Tom is a fitness expert and bodybuilder with over 20 years experience in this field. He has written numerous articles on this subject both online and in magazines. So his program does seem to have a lot of credibility.

Another program which can be tried out is the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program.