The Signs of Eating Disorder


How would you know that you have eating disorder? This is a good food for thought. When you have eating disorder, you need to do something real quick about it before it gives birth to more problems.

The best thing that you would need to do is to try and find out whether you have the signs of the eating disorder.

 Here is s summary of the signs that you can look at to sense that you have eating disorder.

 Signs of eating disorder 

  • You just eat even when you are not hungry. This is a disorder because we eat to kill hunger and when this is not the goal for your eating, then you have a disorder that you need to address.


  • You eat as a result of emotions. When you are angry or pissed, you resort to eating. This is a disorder. When you have something troubling you, you should find out how you can stop it and not eat to suppress it.


  • You eat faster than normal. This sounds strange and that is why it is a disorder. Yes, there are people who just eat abnormally. They cannot wait to swallow the food before they add another in their mouth. They act as gluttons.


  • You eat too much food in a short while. This sounds like the point above but there is some slight difference. It also looks at you speed but also the quantity of food you eat.


  • You eat so much food, but you feel painfully full. Yes, you would eat so much but when you finish, you are full and also have some pain in your stomach and emotions. This is abnormal and is a disorder.


  • You eat in isolation. This is a disorder. Probably, you have realized that you eat in a strange manner that you would not want others to know about. Sometimes you even lock yourself up to eat.

You will note that the disorder is not just about how you eat, like mannerism but the amount and speed of eating. Mannerism can come in but after these two factors.

So, you have to assess yourself to see if you have any of the above signs.

 If you have any of the signs of eating disorder, you need to try and change. The disorder can make you suffer terribly. You will not be able to explain the weight gain until you realize you have a disorder.