How to Stop Feeling Ashamed of Being Fat

Almost everyone of us is a severe self-critic. Little imperfections in ourselves make us so much self-conscious. We spend lengthy hours scrutinizing ourselves in the minutest detail. We make big issues of things that others may not even notice about us.

Women may be worse culprits than men in this regard. A recent study seems to suggest that women usually have negative thoughts related to their body about 5 or more times in a day!

This case might be further worsened if someone is fat. Fat people may feel a lot more ashamed of themselves than others.

 They may not feel like going out of their homes because they are ridiculed wherever they go.

While it is important for fat people to try and lose weight. It is also important that they should love their bodies even though they are fat.

If you feel ashamed of yourself then you may suffer a lot. Losing weight may take some time – its unlikely to happen overnight.

 Do you want to keep suffering till that time or do you want to feel comfortable about yourself no matter how you are.

In order to come out of this habit, you need to start loving your body.

You need to learn how to love and accept yourself even though you may not be perfect in every respect. Fat people may need to work a little bit harder at this.

It may initially seem difficult to you to love your body despite being fat and being made fun of many times. You may think that you can never get over these negative feelings however much you try.

But the truth is that if you really try seriously you can slowly but surely get rid of such negative thoughts and start accepting how you are.

How to Stop Feeling Bad and Guilty
First and foremost, we need to stop caring about what others think about us. Most of the times, we care too much about other person’s opinion about us and feel so bad if that person does not think highly of us.

Once you can get into the habit of not caring whether people think good or bad about you, whether people make fun of you or pass comments then you free yourself from the chains that do not let you to live life fully.

Decide within yourself that you will not let others’ opinion or comments bother you too much. Even if you feel hurt or angry, try to overcome those feeling and don’t dwell too much on those things.

Very soon you will find that you are no longer bothered by what people say or think about you.

Once this happens, it can become a lot easier to love yourself despite being fat. You will not feel so ashamed to step out into the world and carry on your day to day activities.

You can find your confidence and self-esteem growing. If you were shy and introvert earlier, you can notice that those feelings might have disappeared or atleast diminished considerably.

When someone discriminates us from others, when people say nasty things about us – we will no longer blame ourselves for it. We will stop feeling guilty for things that were not our fault.

We will realize that it is the other person’s weakness and lack of manners that make him/her behave in such a manner.

You will see that someone who taunts you is actually a person with low self-esteem. Their own insecurities is driving them towards such a behavior.

Instead of feeling angry you may start feeling pity or sad for them. You may even want to help them out of their suffering!

Another great thing that can happen when you turn your thoughts about yourself in the positive direction is that you will start taking better care of yourself!

You will improve your eating habits and take steps to lose weight in a healthy manner. You will start controlling what and how much you eat. You may even start exercising regularly.

Whatever you were unable to practice consistently earlier, you may start doing those things persistently without much difficulty.

Your negative self-image was having a lot of impact on your negative habits which spoilt your health.

Now You Can Start Losing Weight
Making the following improvements may become easier for you once you overcome feeling ashamed of being fat:

1. Start exercising.
2. Start eating healthy
3. Avoiding junk and unhealthy food
4. Avoid overeating
5. Staying neat and clean. Indulging in healthy habits
6. Stop comparing your body with others
7. Stick to your weight loss plan and follow it easily
8. Start having healthy and peaceful sleep
9. Start handling stress better

Just a simple habit of not paying too much attention to what others think or say about you can have huge impact on your life. It can affect how you live and deal with others as well as yourself.

So in order to stop feeling ashamed of your body and start loving yourself inspite of your weaknesses, the first step is to decide that you will not let other people affect you in a negative way. You will not take seriously whatever criticism and tantrums they throw at you.

You might be surprised by the complete transformation of yourself. At this time, you can be in a much better position to try any good weight loss program or plan in order to get your body back in an excellent shape.

The chances of you sticking to the plan and being successful at it can increase greatly now.

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