True Economy – How to Select Foods – Advice


Do not be ashamed to plan personally. Economy in food means providing enough food, neither too much nor too little.

Use cereals (meal, cereal breakfast foods, flour, etc.) generously, taking: pains to prepare them with great care and to vary the kind used from routine if necessary to keep people from tiring of them.

Keep in mind that a quart of whole milk a day for each child, to be used as a beverage and in cookery, is not too much.

See carefully how much of such staples as sugar, milk, flour, cooking fat, is used each week for a month, and see if there are any ways of cutting down the quantity needed.**m*

Estimate carefully both in serving and in buying.

Buy non-perishable materials in quantities; if better prices can be secured and there is a good storage place in the home. Neighbors can sometimes join up to get lower rates.

“Finicky” tastes in food often avoid the use of many valuable materials which might be the means of saving money.

Plan carefully now much of any material will be needed before laying in a supply, then see that none is wasted by careless handling.

Many inexpensive foods can be made attractive and the diet can be pleasantly mixed by a wise use of different flavorings.

Estimate to make the dishes served of such size that there will be enough to satisfy the appetite of the family and no unnecessary plate and table waste.

Good food habits are an important part of personal thrift and hygiene. Children get such habits by having suitable amounts of proper foods served to them and then being expected to eat what is set before them.

True economy lies not only in making the fullest possible use of what is bought, but also in buying wisely.

These foods should be used frequently because they are typical laxatives, which seem to be needed more during the winter: buttermilk, coarse breads, bran breakfast cereals, apples, either raw or cooked, asparagus, canned berries, honey, spinach, raisins, prunes, cauliflower, molassaes.


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