Is Permanent Weight Loss Difficult?  What are the Steps to Permanent Weight Loss?

Are you planning to lose a lot of weight? It makes sense to lose weight permanently. See you would need to put in a lot of effort into losing weight. But what is the use of it all if you gain back that weight again?

Phew! All your hard work gone down the drain. This is what seems to be happening to a lot of people. They just can’t retain the weight after they lost some.

What do you do, you may think. First of all understand that there are reasons why you are putting on weight. It could be due to wrong eating habits, or overeating, lack of enough physical activity in your life, poor metabolism.

By correcting each of the above problems, you can make it easy for yourself not to put on excess weight – specially after you have lost some.

Otherwise the cycle can continue forever – you going on some quick weight loss diets and even probably succeeding but again gaining back the weight. Can it be more frustrating than this – Urgh!

Your main enemy can be improper eating habits. First of all try to eliminate junk food from your life as much as possible.

Junk foods and fast foods should become extinct from your life as soon as possible. They are absolutely harmful to the health.

They do not have any nutrition value and furthermore they make you put on weight becaue of excess fat content, oil and because they are overfried etc.

You might think it is impossible to cut down on junk food. They have become such an integral part of our culture. We have gotten used to eating junk and filling our stomach with poison all the time.

Cola drinks too are a definite no no. They are very fattening and cause other health problems. Besides this it is doubtful whether they even have an ounce of benefit in them or not.

An important thing that you have to keep in mind is that while dieting, do not starve yourselves or deliberately keep yourself hungry for long.

Starving yourself is not the wise method of trying to lose weight. Why? Its becaue in the starvation mode, your body drops its metabolism rate and tries to hold onto the food as much as possible.

You probably know that lower metabolism rate can mean to your weight loss. It results in drop in your weight loss efforts. The dieting plateau which many people dread is probably caused due to this reduction in the all important metabolism rate of the body.

When metabolism drops, you feel less energetic and dont want to do any physical activity. As a result of this you might become a couch potato by preferring to while away your time sitting or doing nothing.

This can further lead to weight gain and obesity. So its a dangerous cycle you will be getting in.

Try to stay away from such diets which ask you to starve yourself. And also such diets which completely stop you from eating 1 particular food group.

Remember that your body needs a healthy balanced diet to function normally. By completely removing a food group from the equation, you are depriving your body of a nutrient.

If some food group like fats etc. is not good for your weight, then instead of totally eliminating it from your diet, learn to control how much you eat it.

Restrict your eating of that food group and do not totally avoid it.

Get some physical activity. It is so important. Get moving if you want to stay healthy. Physical activity and good eating habits are both essential if you want to stay slim.

Being inactive can lead to weight gain as it causes decrease in metabolism rate as well as cause you to eat more. As you are not active, you will seek easy pleasures like reaching out your refrigerator, taking out something to munch on etc.

People may tend to overeat when they do not lead active lives. Our bodies are not designed to stay inactive or lead sedentary lives. This is one of the major problems of our present day society. We are becoming more and more lazy and as a result obesity is on the rise.

The factors for the rise in obesity can range from lack of enough physical activity to unhealthy eating, eating outside food too often, sedentary work etc etc.

Unless we make healthy changes in our lives and stick to those changes, it can get extremely difficult to stay healthy and avoid weight gain.