25 Fast Weight Loss Tips


1. Don’t skip meals – This is important and many people get it wrong. They think that by skipping meals they can lose weight. But most of them will not be able to control their hunger pangs for long before satisfying their hunger and beyond it.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables – Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of fiber and nutrients. And they are low on calories. They also provide many other health benefits. Eat more of raw fruits and vegetables if you want to lose weight quickly.

3. Replace your snacks – If you are in the habit of regularly snacking and find it difficult to give up the habit completely, then atleast replace snacks with something healthy.

For example, instead of chips you can munch a carrot or cucumbers or eat an apple or banana. Try to eat raw fruits or vegetables as snacks instead of fried or high calorie items.

Examples of healthy snacks can be fruits, vegetables, nuts, low-fat diary products etc.

4. Eat healthy foods first – When you sit down to eat, eat healthier and nutrition rich foods first before you allow yourself to indulge in your favorite items. Doing so can help you to avoid eating too much of high calorie foods as you might be almost full by then.

5. Take less than necessary – Always put less food in your plate than what you think would be necessary to satisfy your hunger. Many times you may realize that this much food was actually enough.

If at all in some rare cases, the food was not enough for you then you can always go for a second serving. But make sure your first serving is less than what you believe will satisfy your hunger.

6. Include more salad – Include a healthy dose of salad with each of your meals. As mentioned earlier, raw fruits and vegetables can be excellent for health and weight loss, and eating more of them can prevent overeating on unhealthy or high-calorie foods.

7. Write down what you eat – If you can maintain a journal of what you are eating each day, you might find a lot of new insights into your eating habits.

Whatever you eat from the time you get up in the morning till you go back to bed, write each thing down. After a few days you may be horrified to look at your eating journal. It may provide you a strong determination to let go of unhealthy eating and develop more control.

8. Eat a high fiber breakfast – Oats, soya beans, berries, fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts etc. are examples of high fiber foods. They can be a part of healthy as well as tasty breakfast.

Having a high fiber breakfast means you are starting your day on the right note. You just might find it easier to stick to a healthier diet throughout the day.

9. Controlling cravings – Whenever you get food cravings in the day, you can look for some distractions which can occupy your mind. You can do things like cleaning the house, calling a friend, gardening, reading a book, dozing off etc.

You may choose anything that keeps your mind busy for a while till those feelings of craving go away. Be sure that whatever activity you choose, it should help you in diverting your mind away from the food cravings.

10. Eat with your family – We should avoid eating alone and eat as much as possible with the whole family together. This is a real problem in modern society that we have forsaken the habit of traditional family dinners.

It has been found in recent studies that people who eat home cooked food along with the family, tend to have healthier eating habits than those who eat alone or who eat outside frequently.

11. Have clear goals – Before embarking on any weight loss program, have a clear cut and realistic goal which you want to reach. It can provide you with a direction to move in and also help in tracking progress.

12. Go for small changes – Once you have a clear goal in your mind, the next step is to focus on the details or the step-by-step plan to reach your goal.

Focus on making small healthy changes in your life which can over a period of time all add up to make big differences.

13. Learn to handle stress – Stress is said to be a big factor for gaining weight and also inducing people to indulge in overeating.

There are other ways of dealing with stress and pressures than to turn to food for comfort. Find out such ways which suit you and work for you in dealing with stress (which also do not spoil your health).

14. Choose an enjoyable exercise – In order to lose weight we need to get into the exercising habit. We should try and choose an activity which we find pleasurable.

Some people might enjoy aerobics, others might like swimming or walking or gardening. Choose one which you think you can do regularly without having to force yourself too much. Remember that you have to be consistent so choose an exercise wisely.

15. Have flexible weight loss plans – Circumstances keep changing in life. Accordingly, you may need to adapt your original weight loss goal to fit some new unexpected event in your life.

If you are not flexible, you may end up disappointed. So its wise to be adaptable but not too adaptable at the same time.

16. Start living your desired life now – Don’t wait till you have achieved your dream weight to start living the life you want to live. Live as if you have already achieved your weight loss goal.

If you are impatiently waiting till you become skinny, then you might be wasting too much of your time in starting something which you want – like writing a book etc.

It can also adversely affect your weight loss as you will become desperate and may resort to unhealthy or ineffective weight loss methods just to lose some weight and get a life going.

17. Take a power nap – Short naps during the day are extremely healthy. They provide us with an instant boost of energy. If we are too tired, we might resort to unhealthy eating – so eliminate this danger by taking periodic naps of 20 or so minutes during the day.

18. Keep your teeth and mouth clean – You may be surprised how much effect this has on your eating habits. When you maintain dental hygiene and keep your teeth and mouth properly brushed, mouth-washed and fresh – you may feel less tempted to eat unhealthy or fattening foods.

19. Don’t eat with fat people – While sitting down to eat, avoid eating with people who tend to be overeaters. This might rub on you too.

20. Find a buddy for pleasure walk – Get into the habit of walking for atleast 30 minutes a day. Early mornings time may be the best for this.

It can be better if you take a buddy along with you so that both of you can enjoy the walk as well as get some health benefits too. Walking can be a pleasurable activity and a good exercise too!

21. Find more ways to be active – We should try to become as active as possible. A lot of our obesity problems might be due to lack of enough physical activity.

In addition to regular exercise, we should also look for other ways in which we can get some physical movement at periodic intervals. Moving furniture around the house when required, doing household chores, walking instead of riding whenever possible etc. are some examples of how to get more physical activity in our lives.

22. Replace sugar – As much as possible, we can try to replace sugar with other sweetening items like honey or jaggery. If you are fond of sweets, you may try preparing sweets with honey or jaggery instead of sugar.

Refined sugar is harmful for our health and may also lead to weight gain. Artificial sweeteners are also not without problems and therefore are not the best solution. But fortunately we have natural sweeteners like honey and jaggery which can act as sugar replacements!

23. Reduce dining out – When we eat at restaurants, we usually eat unhealthy or fattening foods. We may rarely eat something healthy outside. As mentioned earlier, home-cooked and traditional family meals might be one of the best things if you are trying to keep yourself slim.

24. Drink lots of water – Water is used in almost all major body functions. Without healthy supply of water, our body might not function at optimal levels.

Water is also important for keeping your metabolism healthy. Healthy metabolism usually means more fat burning. Drinking water every now and then can also keep us energized and active.

25. Eat slowly – Finally we should learn to eat slowly. If you can find any slow eaters, you may notice that most of them would be slim. Eating slowly usually means better digestion and avoidance of overeating.

You can eat slowly by chewing food more and also by taking smaller bites. It is said that we should chew each morsel atleast 30-50 times before swallowing it. This way you can enjoy your food more and remain healthy and slim at the same time..


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