Why Am I Not Losing Weight ???


 There are times when you can be trying to lose weight and you realize that your efforts are fruitless.

This can be discouraging but you need not give up too soon. What you ought to do is to reexamine your approach to weight loss so that you understand where you are going wrong.

 There are three major reasons why you would be losing no weight even when you feel that you are doing the right thing.

You would need to see whether you are having any of the three barriers that most people would have when they are trying to lose weight. Look at the three. 

Emotional barriers

Your emotions are very relevant when you are in a weight loss mission. You have to ensure that you are managing them well at all times.

 There are so many reasons that would cause our emotions to flair and these are the reasons that you would need to focus on.

 When you are too exited, you may want to celebrate and eating is usually part of celebration.

So, it is most likely that you would forget that you are on diet and just eat carelessly. One wrong move would take you back to where you had been with your weight.

 When you are having some pain, you may also be affected emotionally. This may take away your mind and so you would lose touch with your lifestyle and what you are doing to have ideal weight. So, you have to manage your emotions when managing your weight.

 Psychological barriers 

There is a difference between psychological and emotional. Psychological is more of what has really worked you for some time. It is a long time effect of emotions that are negative. They would hinder your weight loss goals. 

An example is when you had been dieting but you have something that is really distracting you. When you are stressed, you may never stick to schedules and you may never be conscious of your lifestyle and what you eat.

So, you need to ensure that you find something to distract yourself when you are having psychological issues.

 Physical barriers

Finally, there are the barriers that we would create on what we do and on the kind of attitude that we have on weight loss. The way we conduct ourselves during the period we are trying to lose weight would also have a great impact on how the project turns out.

 For instance, when we are still spending a good time watching TV and lazing around, the weight would not go.

When we are stocking unhealthy food at home, the temptation to take them would come. We would not lose weight at all. When we are not sticking to exercise plan, we should expect no good. 

Yes, if we can manage to deal with these three barriers effectively, we will lose weight reasonably. You know best what you want, work toward it.

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