Learn to Become Thin by Thinking Like a Thin Person

How to be thin?
In order to be thin, you might need to change your thinking and model it to match people who are thin. Think like a thin person and develop habits of thin people for permanent, easy weight loss!!!

You see there are some basic differences in the habits and mindset of fat and thin people. You need to find out the habits of thin people and incorporate them in your lifestyle so that you can remain slim throughout your life too.

Here are just a few things that are commonly shared by almost all thin people:

1. Low tolerance to weight gain:
slim people have very low tolerance to weight gain. It means that as soon as they notice themselves gaining even slight weight, alarm bells go off in their minds.

They respond very strongly to even slight weight gains. They immediately want to stop any more weight gain and focus on losing whatever little bit they have put on.

Fat people on the other hand have high tolerance to weight gain. They do not start reacting until they have gained a lot of weight. Then they become worried. But it is already a little late.

If you can become more alert as soon as you gain slight weight, then it can be easier to lose off that little bit of weight. However if you delay your reaction till you have gained more, then it would usually be that much more harder to lose it.

Just think about it – is it easier to lose small weight or lot of weight? So do not wait till you gain too much before taking steps to control it.

2. Treat food as fuel:
Slim and healthy people do not eat too much. They treat food as fuel which their body requires to function properly. They eat food to get energy, strength, nutrition and to fulfill their hunger.

Mostly, thin people do not eat food for comfort. Whereas obese people and specially those who are chronic over-eaters, usually eat food for comfort. Such people can be called as emotional eaters.

When they feel depressed, stressed out, sad etc. they turn to food for comfort. However this is not a good practice. Slim people do not behave like this usually. They have learnt to handle their emotions without taking the help of food.

So learn to deal with your problems, emotions and moods without the aid of food. Emotional eating is not the solution to your emotional problems. Eat like a thin person by eating to satisfy hunger and gain strength, not for comfort.

3. Think yourself thin:
Slim people visualize themselves, think of themselves as having nice bodies without any excess weight. They believe themselves to be slim.

If you can picture yourself on consistent basis in this manner, you will likely develop habits, behavior and mindset that would naturally lead to such a reality.

So like a thin person, imagine yourself as slim and in excellent shape and health all the time if you want the desired results. You have to do this consistently throughout your life, so that you always retain the habits of healthy individuals and maintain ideal weight.


   How to Become Thin Forever:

By thinking like a thin person and developing such habits, you can become thin. However it may take time. But  remember that long term weight loss is possible only with permanent changes to your lifestyle.

So its a very good idea to adapt our lifestyles to match those of slim and healthy people. This could be an easy way to lose weight and enjoy permanent weight loss.

However be careful not to model people who are too thin or unhealthy. Like obesity is a problem, similarly being very thin is also not good. So be careful about following the habits of such people who are very thin, unhealthy or weak.

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