Fad Diets – Why are They Bad?


Quick-fix fad diets are bad because they cut out some food groups completely from your diet.

Why is this bad? Mainly because your body needs all kinds of foods to function in healthy manner. You will be causing deficiency of a particular food by cutting it out totally from your diet.

Moreover, you might suffer from loss of energy which will have many adverse effects. Low energy will prompt you to be inactive and you won’t feel like exercising or doing physical activities.

Being inactive will lower your metabolism rate. When you metabolism rate drops, it will be difficult to lose further weight.

When you start including those foods again in your diet, your body may get confused and start to put weight back on. So even if you had succeeding in shedding some weight, it is likely to come back.

When the weight comes back it can be more difficult than earlier to lose it again. You would need to try harder than before now.

When the weight comes back again, people normally start another such quick-fix diet. This cycle can go on causing more and more damage to your health.

Besides the above mentioned problems, fad diets or quick-fix diets are extremely difficult for people to follow. They are very strict diets which many can’t stick to for long.

They severely restrict your eating options, asking you to eat only particular kinds of foods. Not only is this unhealthy, but also difficult for many to follow such diet plans for long.

The result would be most people would give up halfway and end up frustrated and disappointed than before.

They would also feel that weight loss plans are not working which would make them try out even more unhealthy methods like diet pills etc. or make them prone to fall to other scams and false promises.
More Reasons Why Fad Diets are Bad:

Most of the times, the weight people lose with such fad dieting is usually water weight and not fat loss. It is fat loss that you should ideally aim for if you are overweight.

Too much water loss can be bad for the body. And you can easily gain back the lost weight again when the body re-hydrates as soon as you are off the dieting program.

So there is no reason to be too happy even if people do  seem to lose weight by following dangerous fad diets. This weight loss might not be what they think it is.
So it is best not to rely on fad diets for losing weight as they are not good for you. There are healthier options available.