Antioxidants and Weight Loss

Antioxidants are amazing chemicals which help in neutralizing free radicals in human body. Free radicals, also called as radicals, are organic molecules that result whenever your body converts oxygen into energy. These radicals, if left unchecked, can cause huge damage to our bodies.

They are responsible for many health problems like tissue damage, aging, as well as a host of other diseases. In order to neutralize these free radicals, we need to consume antioxidant foods. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy and eat some rare foods or herbs. Antioxidant properties are present in a lot of common and tasty everyday foods.

Below is a list of few antioxidant foods. Make sure to include them in your diet plan.

Apples, cranberries, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, raisins, spinnach, sweet potato, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes.

You can notice that most of these are fruits and vegetables. So a nice and healthy way to consume sufficient amount of antioxidants is to regularly eat fruits and vegetables. 4-6 servings of raw fruits or vegetables a day might do the trick for you. As with anything, avoid excesses.

Drinking green tea can also be beneficial. Green tea is known to possess good antioxidant properties. Studies seem to hint at another wonderful possibility. If someone drank a cup of green tea everyday throughout the year, that person may stand to lose about 5 pounds just by drinking green tea.

The question everyone seems to be asking is that – do antioxidants help in weight loss too? There is no question that they are useful and help in protecting our cells from free radicals. However, they may not directly affect weight loss.

But don’t get disappointed
. Even though antioxidant foods may not directly help in losing weight, still they can have an indirect effect. They provide our bodies with nutritional support in order to keep it strong and healthy. When we burn fat, the body also loses some nutrients along with fat.

Antioxidants help during such times by providing nutritional support to your body. They can help in maintaining high energy levels and keeping the metabolism at a healthy rate.

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