How to Stop Feeling Ashamed of Being Fat

Almost everyone of us is a severe self-critic. Little imperfections in ourselves make us so much self-conscious. We spend lengthy hours scrutinizing ourselves in the minutest detail. We make big issues of things that others may not even notice about us.

Women may be worse culprits than men in this regard. A recent study seems to suggest that women usually have negative thoughts related to their body about 5 or more times in a day!

This case might be further worsened if someone is fat. Fat people may feel a lot more ashamed of themselves than others.

 They may not feel like going out of their homes because they are ridiculed wherever they go.

While it is important for fat people to try and lose weight. It is also important that they should love their bodies even though they are fat.

If you feel ashamed of yourself then you may suffer a lot. Losing weight may take some time – its unlikely to happen overnight.

 Do you want to keep suffering till that time or do you want to feel comfortable about yourself no matter how you are.

In order to come out of this habit, you need to start loving your body.

You need to learn how to love and accept yourself even though you may not be perfect in every respect. Fat people may need to work a little bit harder at this.

It may initially seem difficult to you to love your body despite being fat and being made fun of many times. You may think that you can never get over these negative feelings however much you try.

But the truth is that if you really try seriously you can slowly but surely get rid of such negative thoughts and start accepting how you are.

How to Stop Feeling Bad and Guilty
First and foremost, we need to stop caring about what others think about us. Most of the times, we care too much about other person’s opinion about us and feel so bad if that person does not think highly of us.

Once you can get into the habit of not caring whether people think good or bad about you, whether people make fun of you or pass comments then you free yourself from the chains that do not let you to live life fully.

Decide within yourself that you will not let others’ opinion or comments bother you too much. Even if you feel hurt or angry, try to overcome those feeling and don’t dwell too much on those things.

Very soon you will find that you are no longer bothered by what people say or think about you.

Once this happens, it can become a lot easier to love yourself despite being fat. You will not feel so ashamed to step out into the world and carry on your day to day activities.

You can find your confidence and self-esteem growing. If you were shy and introvert earlier, you can notice that those feelings might have disappeared or atleast diminished considerably.

When someone discriminates us from others, when people say nasty things about us – we will no longer blame ourselves for it. We will stop feeling guilty for things that were not our fault.

We will realize that it is the other person’s weakness and lack of manners that make him/her behave in such a manner.

You will see that someone who taunts you is actually a person with low self-esteem. Their own insecurities is driving them towards such a behavior.

Instead of feeling angry you may start feeling pity or sad for them. You may even want to help them out of their suffering!

Another great thing that can happen when you turn your thoughts about yourself in the positive direction is that you will start taking better care of yourself!

You will improve your eating habits and take steps to lose weight in a healthy manner. You will start controlling what and how much you eat. You may even start exercising regularly.

Whatever you were unable to practice consistently earlier, you may start doing those things persistently without much difficulty.

Your negative self-image was having a lot of impact on your negative habits which spoilt your health.

Now You Can Start Losing Weight
Making the following improvements may become easier for you once you overcome feeling ashamed of being fat:

1. Start exercising.
2. Start eating healthy
3. Avoiding junk and unhealthy food
4. Avoid overeating
5. Staying neat and clean. Indulging in healthy habits
6. Stop comparing your body with others
7. Stick to your weight loss plan and follow it easily
8. Start having healthy and peaceful sleep
9. Start handling stress better

Just a simple habit of not paying too much attention to what others think or say about you can have huge impact on your life. It can affect how you live and deal with others as well as yourself.

So in order to stop feeling ashamed of your body and start loving yourself inspite of your weaknesses, the first step is to decide that you will not let other people affect you in a negative way. You will not take seriously whatever criticism and tantrums they throw at you.

You might be surprised by the complete transformation of yourself. At this time, you can be in a much better position to try any good weight loss program or plan in order to get your body back in an excellent shape.

The chances of you sticking to the plan and being successful at it can increase greatly now.

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True Economy – How to Select Foods – Advice


Do not be ashamed to plan personally. Economy in food means providing enough food, neither too much nor too little.

Use cereals (meal, cereal breakfast foods, flour, etc.) generously, taking: pains to prepare them with great care and to vary the kind used from routine if necessary to keep people from tiring of them.

Keep in mind that a quart of whole milk a day for each child, to be used as a beverage and in cookery, is not too much.

See carefully how much of such staples as sugar, milk, flour, cooking fat, is used each week for a month, and see if there are any ways of cutting down the quantity needed.**m*

Estimate carefully both in serving and in buying.

Buy non-perishable materials in quantities; if better prices can be secured and there is a good storage place in the home. Neighbors can sometimes join up to get lower rates.

“Finicky” tastes in food often avoid the use of many valuable materials which might be the means of saving money.

Plan carefully now much of any material will be needed before laying in a supply, then see that none is wasted by careless handling.

Many inexpensive foods can be made attractive and the diet can be pleasantly mixed by a wise use of different flavorings.

Estimate to make the dishes served of such size that there will be enough to satisfy the appetite of the family and no unnecessary plate and table waste.

Good food habits are an important part of personal thrift and hygiene. Children get such habits by having suitable amounts of proper foods served to them and then being expected to eat what is set before them.

True economy lies not only in making the fullest possible use of what is bought, but also in buying wisely.

These foods should be used frequently because they are typical laxatives, which seem to be needed more during the winter: buttermilk, coarse breads, bran breakfast cereals, apples, either raw or cooked, asparagus, canned berries, honey, spinach, raisins, prunes, cauliflower, molassaes.


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Antioxidants and Weight Loss

Antioxidants are amazing chemicals which help in neutralizing free radicals in human body. Free radicals, also called as radicals, are organic molecules that result whenever your body converts oxygen into energy. These radicals, if left unchecked, can cause huge damage to our bodies.

They are responsible for many health problems like tissue damage, aging, as well as a host of other diseases. In order to neutralize these free radicals, we need to consume antioxidant foods. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy and eat some rare foods or herbs. Antioxidant properties are present in a lot of common and tasty everyday foods.

Below is a list of few antioxidant foods. Make sure to include them in your diet plan.

Apples, cranberries, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, raisins, spinnach, sweet potato, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes.

You can notice that most of these are fruits and vegetables. So a nice and healthy way to consume sufficient amount of antioxidants is to regularly eat fruits and vegetables. 4-6 servings of raw fruits or vegetables a day might do the trick for you. As with anything, avoid excesses.

Drinking green tea can also be beneficial. Green tea is known to possess good antioxidant properties. Studies seem to hint at another wonderful possibility. If someone drank a cup of green tea everyday throughout the year, that person may stand to lose about 5 pounds just by drinking green tea.

The question everyone seems to be asking is that – do antioxidants help in weight loss too? There is no question that they are useful and help in protecting our cells from free radicals. However, they may not directly affect weight loss.

But don’t get disappointed
. Even though antioxidant foods may not directly help in losing weight, still they can have an indirect effect. They provide our bodies with nutritional support in order to keep it strong and healthy. When we burn fat, the body also loses some nutrients along with fat.

Antioxidants help during such times by providing nutritional support to your body. They can help in maintaining high energy levels and keeping the metabolism at a healthy rate.

To understand more about the role of antioxidants in weight loss, refer to the following article – antioxidants and weight loss

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Ways to Lose Weight at Home 


Did you know that losing weight at home is possible? Well, you have to take it now that you can get your ideal shape and size even at your home. You would just need to program yourself so that everything works toward weight loss. It is about your diet and lifestyle primarily.

 The attitude that you have would also help you when you are working on weight loss.

You would be able to know what is ideal for you and what you need to focus on when you need to lose some weight. If your problem is getting out of your home to the gym, then you have it right while here. 

Ways of successful weight loss at home

 The first way that you can lose weight is by making use of the time you have scheduled for entertainment. The entertainment we have in mind here is that of watching TV. You would find that you have some advertisements that you may not enjoy during the program.

 These programs would normally come frequently and you can make use of them to remind yourself of a workout.

Instead of switching channels, you would rather switch your position. You can get off the seat and do some skips. You may need a small rope to use for this exercise.

 The second way is when you are seeking the entertainment still. You would find that those who like dancing have lost weight. This is because they burn some fat as dancing is quite involving. However, those who must drink to dance are not doing it right.

At your home, you could tune in some music and dance to it. Even just 30 minutes of dancing can make a great difference to you when you are trying to lose weight.

You do not need to go out the whole night or evening for you to be able to lose weight.

Finally, the third way would be to try swimming. If you are fortunate to have a pool at your home then you may use it to lose weight at home. You just need to spend some half an hour at the pool and weight would be gone.

You can swim for fun but at the same time you would be losing weight.

So, choosing to lose weight at home is a good move. You do not need to interfere with what you like or your plans. You just have to ensure that you incorporate some aspect of weight loss.

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Learn to Become Thin by Thinking Like a Thin Person

How to be thin?
In order to be thin, you might need to change your thinking and model it to match people who are thin. Think like a thin person and develop habits of thin people for permanent, easy weight loss!!!

You see there are some basic differences in the habits and mindset of fat and thin people. You need to find out the habits of thin people and incorporate them in your lifestyle so that you can remain slim throughout your life too.

Here are just a few things that are commonly shared by almost all thin people:

1. Low tolerance to weight gain:
slim people have very low tolerance to weight gain. It means that as soon as they notice themselves gaining even slight weight, alarm bells go off in their minds.

They respond very strongly to even slight weight gains. They immediately want to stop any more weight gain and focus on losing whatever little bit they have put on.

Fat people on the other hand have high tolerance to weight gain. They do not start reacting until they have gained a lot of weight. Then they become worried. But it is already a little late.

If you can become more alert as soon as you gain slight weight, then it can be easier to lose off that little bit of weight. However if you delay your reaction till you have gained more, then it would usually be that much more harder to lose it.

Just think about it – is it easier to lose small weight or lot of weight? So do not wait till you gain too much before taking steps to control it.

2. Treat food as fuel:
Slim and healthy people do not eat too much. They treat food as fuel which their body requires to function properly. They eat food to get energy, strength, nutrition and to fulfill their hunger.

Mostly, thin people do not eat food for comfort. Whereas obese people and specially those who are chronic over-eaters, usually eat food for comfort. Such people can be called as emotional eaters.

When they feel depressed, stressed out, sad etc. they turn to food for comfort. However this is not a good practice. Slim people do not behave like this usually. They have learnt to handle their emotions without taking the help of food.

So learn to deal with your problems, emotions and moods without the aid of food. Emotional eating is not the solution to your emotional problems. Eat like a thin person by eating to satisfy hunger and gain strength, not for comfort.

3. Think yourself thin:
Slim people visualize themselves, think of themselves as having nice bodies without any excess weight. They believe themselves to be slim.

If you can picture yourself on consistent basis in this manner, you will likely develop habits, behavior and mindset that would naturally lead to such a reality.

So like a thin person, imagine yourself as slim and in excellent shape and health all the time if you want the desired results. You have to do this consistently throughout your life, so that you always retain the habits of healthy individuals and maintain ideal weight.


   How to Become Thin Forever:

By thinking like a thin person and developing such habits, you can become thin. However it may take time. But  remember that long term weight loss is possible only with permanent changes to your lifestyle.

So its a very good idea to adapt our lifestyles to match those of slim and healthy people. This could be an easy way to lose weight and enjoy permanent weight loss.

However be careful not to model people who are too thin or unhealthy. Like obesity is a problem, similarly being very thin is also not good. So be careful about following the habits of such people who are very thin, unhealthy or weak.

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Fad Diets – Why are They Bad?


Quick-fix fad diets are bad because they cut out some food groups completely from your diet.

Why is this bad? Mainly because your body needs all kinds of foods to function in healthy manner. You will be causing deficiency of a particular food by cutting it out totally from your diet.

Moreover, you might suffer from loss of energy which will have many adverse effects. Low energy will prompt you to be inactive and you won’t feel like exercising or doing physical activities.

Being inactive will lower your metabolism rate. When you metabolism rate drops, it will be difficult to lose further weight.

When you start including those foods again in your diet, your body may get confused and start to put weight back on. So even if you had succeeding in shedding some weight, it is likely to come back.

When the weight comes back it can be more difficult than earlier to lose it again. You would need to try harder than before now.

When the weight comes back again, people normally start another such quick-fix diet. This cycle can go on causing more and more damage to your health.

Besides the above mentioned problems, fad diets or quick-fix diets are extremely difficult for people to follow. They are very strict diets which many can’t stick to for long.

They severely restrict your eating options, asking you to eat only particular kinds of foods. Not only is this unhealthy, but also difficult for many to follow such diet plans for long.

The result would be most people would give up halfway and end up frustrated and disappointed than before.

They would also feel that weight loss plans are not working which would make them try out even more unhealthy methods like diet pills etc. or make them prone to fall to other scams and false promises.
More Reasons Why Fad Diets are Bad:

Most of the times, the weight people lose with such fad dieting is usually water weight and not fat loss. It is fat loss that you should ideally aim for if you are overweight.

Too much water loss can be bad for the body. And you can easily gain back the lost weight again when the body re-hydrates as soon as you are off the dieting program.

So there is no reason to be too happy even if people do  seem to lose weight by following dangerous fad diets. This weight loss might not be what they think it is.
So it is best not to rely on fad diets for losing weight as they are not good for you. There are healthier options available.

Lose Weight without Dieting and Weight Pills


When you think of weight loss, you do not necessarily have to imagine swallowing pills or sticking to some strict diet program. No, there are other programs that can still help you lose weight even faster without having to go through this kind of stress.

There are people who hate pills. If they cannot swallow it as medication, why would they attempt for beauty?

It does not make sense at all. Yet, there is another group who would love so much to eat well and a very strict diet may not just work for them. Some of the diet programs are terrible. They cannot cope with such diets.

 Reason to find alternative

 You have all the reasons for you to consider other options for weight loss than just the pills and diet.

One reason is that pills are expensive and some food that is in the diet could be expensive. What would you do? It can be so tricky. But with the alternative, you would need to spend nothing absolutely.

 Instead of spending cash on diet programs, you can just get the information and watch the calories that you are taking in.

You may need to be strict with this for it to work for you. You can also burn more calories using exercise. You would just need 30 minutes to achieve this.

 After all, you need to eat well so that you have a balanced metabolism. You should not expect to have this when you are on a diet that is not well balanced. Plenty of vitamins and minerals are needed so that you get the best out of the food.

The workouts are very effective especially if you can manage to do them regularly. The idea here is to maintain the exercises.

While pills may have side effects and diets may not work, you would have all the reasons to look on workouts. Just give them enough time.

Success at last 

While doing all this, you have to be reasonable. You have to locate enough time when you are losing weight. You cannot expect to see results the next day. Sometimes you would feel light and the shape has not changed. This is still a good sign. 

You will be among those who have lost weight, gotten the ideal shape and are enjoying health without the use of any pills. Just trust that it is possible and you will achieve what you want.

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Why Am I Not Losing Weight ???


 There are times when you can be trying to lose weight and you realize that your efforts are fruitless.

This can be discouraging but you need not give up too soon. What you ought to do is to reexamine your approach to weight loss so that you understand where you are going wrong.

 There are three major reasons why you would be losing no weight even when you feel that you are doing the right thing.

You would need to see whether you are having any of the three barriers that most people would have when they are trying to lose weight. Look at the three. 

Emotional barriers

Your emotions are very relevant when you are in a weight loss mission. You have to ensure that you are managing them well at all times.

 There are so many reasons that would cause our emotions to flair and these are the reasons that you would need to focus on.

 When you are too exited, you may want to celebrate and eating is usually part of celebration.

So, it is most likely that you would forget that you are on diet and just eat carelessly. One wrong move would take you back to where you had been with your weight.

 When you are having some pain, you may also be affected emotionally. This may take away your mind and so you would lose touch with your lifestyle and what you are doing to have ideal weight. So, you have to manage your emotions when managing your weight.

 Psychological barriers 

There is a difference between psychological and emotional. Psychological is more of what has really worked you for some time. It is a long time effect of emotions that are negative. They would hinder your weight loss goals. 

An example is when you had been dieting but you have something that is really distracting you. When you are stressed, you may never stick to schedules and you may never be conscious of your lifestyle and what you eat.

So, you need to ensure that you find something to distract yourself when you are having psychological issues.

 Physical barriers

Finally, there are the barriers that we would create on what we do and on the kind of attitude that we have on weight loss. The way we conduct ourselves during the period we are trying to lose weight would also have a great impact on how the project turns out.

 For instance, when we are still spending a good time watching TV and lazing around, the weight would not go.

When we are stocking unhealthy food at home, the temptation to take them would come. We would not lose weight at all. When we are not sticking to exercise plan, we should expect no good. 

Yes, if we can manage to deal with these three barriers effectively, we will lose weight reasonably. You know best what you want, work toward it.

 Find out how to lose weight fast by eating pineapples: The fun, tasty way to lose weight  – Slimming With Pineapple


Is Permanent Weight Loss Difficult?  What are the Steps to Permanent Weight Loss?

Are you planning to lose a lot of weight? It makes sense to lose weight permanently. See you would need to put in a lot of effort into losing weight. But what is the use of it all if you gain back that weight again?

Phew! All your hard work gone down the drain. This is what seems to be happening to a lot of people. They just can’t retain the weight after they lost some.

What do you do, you may think. First of all understand that there are reasons why you are putting on weight. It could be due to wrong eating habits, or overeating, lack of enough physical activity in your life, poor metabolism.

By correcting each of the above problems, you can make it easy for yourself not to put on excess weight – specially after you have lost some.

Otherwise the cycle can continue forever – you going on some quick weight loss diets and even probably succeeding but again gaining back the weight. Can it be more frustrating than this – Urgh!

Your main enemy can be improper eating habits. First of all try to eliminate junk food from your life as much as possible.

Junk foods and fast foods should become extinct from your life as soon as possible. They are absolutely harmful to the health.

They do not have any nutrition value and furthermore they make you put on weight becaue of excess fat content, oil and because they are overfried etc.

You might think it is impossible to cut down on junk food. They have become such an integral part of our culture. We have gotten used to eating junk and filling our stomach with poison all the time.

Cola drinks too are a definite no no. They are very fattening and cause other health problems. Besides this it is doubtful whether they even have an ounce of benefit in them or not.

An important thing that you have to keep in mind is that while dieting, do not starve yourselves or deliberately keep yourself hungry for long.

Starving yourself is not the wise method of trying to lose weight. Why? Its becaue in the starvation mode, your body drops its metabolism rate and tries to hold onto the food as much as possible.

You probably know that lower metabolism rate can mean to your weight loss. It results in drop in your weight loss efforts. The dieting plateau which many people dread is probably caused due to this reduction in the all important metabolism rate of the body.

When metabolism drops, you feel less energetic and dont want to do any physical activity. As a result of this you might become a couch potato by preferring to while away your time sitting or doing nothing.

This can further lead to weight gain and obesity. So its a dangerous cycle you will be getting in.

Try to stay away from such diets which ask you to starve yourself. And also such diets which completely stop you from eating 1 particular food group.

Remember that your body needs a healthy balanced diet to function normally. By completely removing a food group from the equation, you are depriving your body of a nutrient.

If some food group like fats etc. is not good for your weight, then instead of totally eliminating it from your diet, learn to control how much you eat it.

Restrict your eating of that food group and do not totally avoid it.

Get some physical activity. It is so important. Get moving if you want to stay healthy. Physical activity and good eating habits are both essential if you want to stay slim.

Being inactive can lead to weight gain as it causes decrease in metabolism rate as well as cause you to eat more. As you are not active, you will seek easy pleasures like reaching out your refrigerator, taking out something to munch on etc.

People may tend to overeat when they do not lead active lives. Our bodies are not designed to stay inactive or lead sedentary lives. This is one of the major problems of our present day society. We are becoming more and more lazy and as a result obesity is on the rise.

The factors for the rise in obesity can range from lack of enough physical activity to unhealthy eating, eating outside food too often, sedentary work etc etc.

Unless we make healthy changes in our lives and stick to those changes, it can get extremely difficult to stay healthy and avoid weight gain.



Short Guide to Permanent Weight Loss

Rule #1 for Permanent, Healthy Weight Loss:
One of the first rules of permanent weight loss is to eat right. Eating right in no way means to eat more. It means that you have to make healthy food choices.

Healthy food choices mean that you have to avoid unhealthy foods, junk foods or foods with low nutritional value. Instead of that you need to eat foods that provide nutrition and are not harmful to your body.

At the same time, you should not completely stop eating a particular food group. It is because our body needs all kinds of foods in order to have a balanced diet necessary to remain fit in the long run.

If you totally avoid any 1 food group, you might develop deficiency after some time related to that food. It can cause illness or other health problems for you.

What you can do is to lessen the frequency and amount that you eat from a group which is not good for your weight like fats etc. Do not completely stop eating fat, but lessen the amount as well as the frequency of it.

Rule #2:
Another rule of healthy permanent weight loss and fitness is to be physically active. See, you cannot remain fit and healthy without being physically active. Our bodies were not designed to lead sedentary lives or be couch potatoes.

The excuses of not having enough time to exercise, or being too lazy should be shrugged off. You have to find out ways and methods to include sufficient physical activity during your day.

What you can do here is to find out some strenuous activity that you enjoy doing. It can be simple one like going out with your friend for an evening or morning walk, or playing a sport which provides you with enough exercise.

Once you can find something that gives exercise to your body and which you enjoy, you might find it easier to do it on consistent basis. It will not feel like a burden.

Amazingly, you might find it easier to find the time for physical activities out of your busy schedule if you enjoy those activities. If you don’t enjoy something, then you tend to come up with a lot many excuses for not doing it – and one of the common excuse is not having enough time!

You can further help your cause by doing simple activities throughout the day like climbing the stairs instead of the elevator once in the day, parking your vehicles a little farther than you like so that you have to walk the extra distance to your office or home. Or do some household work that involves moving about, lifting things etc.

All these can be beneficial to you if done on regular basis. So try to develop the habit little by little.

Rule #3:
Do you have stress in your life? Too much stress is known to be at the back of many illnesses and diseases. At the same time it can be bad for your weight too.

How can it be bad for weight? One of the reasons is that people who are stressed out or depressed tend to eat more. People are likely to develop the habit of over-eating if they are in stress.

Stress will not only induce you to eat more, but can also affect food choices. People normally make unhealthy food choices when under the influence of high stress.

So find ways of relaxing yourself. Spend some quality time in nature observing the birds, the trees, or sitting at the beach observing the waves and hearing the sound as they splash against the rocks.

Spending time totally absorbed in such natural settings can tend to lessen our stress and make us stronger to face the challenges once we get back to our normal work.

You might also try out other relaxation techniques whichever you find helpful to you. Learning how to cope with stress can be an essential skill for leading a healthy life and avoiding obesity.

Rule #4:
Proper sleep is also important. The quality of sleep is more important than the quantity. Research seems to point that lack of quality sleep might lead to weight gain because of various reasons such as poor food choices, over-eating, improper digestion etc.

So do not neglect the importance of having a restful, relaxing sleep at night. The amount of time you sleep is very less important than the quality of sleep. You should enjoy a peaceful, restful sleep at night so that when you wake up you are feeling full of energy and are in good spirits.

If you find yourself feeling rested, happy and energetic when you wake up in the morning and you don’t feel fatigue, then it can be an indication that you had a good night’s sleep. Thats a thing to be happy about.

If you still feel tired, fatigued even after sleeping for several hours, then you probably have a problem. You might want to consult a doctor or something. Here is a resource you may find useful – End Tiredness and Avoid Sleep Deprivation Problems

Condition for Permanent Weight Loss
You see all the above rules I mentioned for weight loss are such things which are absolutely essential part of our life and they have far reaching effects even in other aspects of our health besides weight.

If you do not pay proper attention to eating healthy, exercising sufficiently, having proper sleep, handling stress effectively – then not only is that harmful for your weight problems but also bad for your overall health.

These problems might affect your health in many different ways and if such unhealthy habits continue then you might face a lot of health issues later in your life.

So weight loss is not an isolated issue or something to be considered just on temporary basis. If you want to be slim and fit forever then you need to change your whole lifestyle for the better.

You have to pay attention to all the things I mentioned above. Only then can you enjoy weight loss and also keep that weight off after losing it.

Otherwise if you take temporary approaches like taking diet pills, going on strict diets etc. then they may work only for a short period. After that you are likely to again gain back the weight you dread. Not just that, you are likely to also spoil your health further in the bargain.

So unless people are ready to change their lifestyle, their eating habits etc for the better, there may not be an easy alternative solution to the present obesity epidemic.