What is a Healthy BMI for Women?


BMI is a very good measure for knowing how we are doing with our body weight and fat. It helps you know which steps you should take in life.

As a woman, you would be more concerned about your looks and probably having a good shape. BMI for women chart would help you know where you are and what you can do.

 Therefore, you would need to find out how you are doing so that at least you have an idea of where you are. There is a calculator that you can find online to help you get your BMI. You may look good but when your BMI is not healthy, you may be forced to work on it.

 The BMI for women works the same way as that for men or even teenagers. The formula that is used to calculate it is the same. The indicators that are considered are also the same for both cases. So, you actually just need to have a look at where you are.

 Significance of BMI for women 

  • The BMI has to be normal for women. So, a woman should look at the chart and see how well they are doing and what they can do to improve the BMI. The normal values never change.


  • BMI determines whether or not a woman should enroll for a weight loss program or even stick to the diet that they currently have.


  • BMI helps you compare yourself with other women who are of same age, height and even weight like you.


  • BMI is an indicator of whether you are leading a healthy lifestyle or not. You can tell from the way you are fairing.


  • BMI points to you the right weight that you should target from the height that you have. Since you have no control over your height, you can control your weight and you will have it all.


  • All women need to regularly check their BMI so that they know how they are doing and take the necessary steps.

 In deed, you will realize that BMI for women is a very significant weight loss indicator. It helps you get your position so that you have an idea of what targets you need to set for weight loss. You will be pleased to know that all women who have healthy weights have always checked on their BMIs using the same calculator.

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Harmful Effects of Being Overweight

 Are you feeling overweight? Yes, when you are overweight you will feel it. You can however do something about it.

You can get into a weight loss program and have that extra weight shed off. This will only be when you realize the kind of risks that you are facing with that overweight.

 Then, it is best that we start here. We need to understand the effects of being overweight because that is the only way you will be alert to the need of losing weight.


You can climb a weighing scale and get your weight and height measurements.

 With the measurements, you will need to get to the internet and locate the BMI calculator. Then, you would need to input the measurements so that your height and weight measurements are interpreted for you.

You would then be able to know how you are doing. If you turn out to be overweight, you have to read on to see the effects.

 The Harmful Effects of overweight


  • If you look at the BMI chart, you would notice that after being overweight and you do nothing about it, you are headed to being obese. So, you are at risk of obesity when you are overweight and this is a great problem.


  • Being overweight increases your risk of getting the Coronary Heart Disease. Most likely you will be overweight due to high cholesterol levels in your body and this is what causes this disease.



  • When you are overweight, you are at risk of having high blood pressure. This kills when it is so high and this is a major problem. So, there is risk of death when you do not manage the problem of overweight that you have.



  • Overweight is also a risk factor to diseases such as diabetes. Diabetes has no cure and so you need to be careful that you never get it. Managing it is also quite expensive and you need not predispose yourself to it.


  • When you are overweight you lose shape. So, you lose your beauty, you appear older than your age and this can kill your self esteem.


The effects of being overweight are all negative. This is why we need to struggle so hard that we never get to become overweight. We need to have healthy dieting and lifestyle habits.

 Alternatively, once you discover that you are overweight; you can try and work on losing weight so that the effects mentioned above do not get near you.

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Steps for Preventing Childhood Obesity


 The trends of childhood obesity are worrying. There is need for parents to do something so that the trends start taking the downward trend.

Children are still under parents and when they become obese, it is the parents to blame. That is why, this piece is ideal for all parents.

 You are responsible for the obesity of your child regardless of their age. Whether they are infants, teenagers or any age under your management, you have to be in control of their weights.

 Obesity in your child is a risk factor to many physical diseases such as hypertension and the type 2 diabetes.

 Treating obesity is not an easy task. But, we can prevent it. We can find ways by which we can work out things so that at least the children are not obese.

We will consider some of the most practical ways that parents can buy so that they help prevent the obesity in their children.

 Prevent child obesity


  • Parents should try to avoid encouraging their children to eat as a means of entertainment or even celebration. They can source for better and healthier ways of entertaining their children.


  • Ensure that you never give your child snacks when they are watching TV. You have to control TV watching and also be a role model during that time. You would need to be sure that your child is not feeling sidelined.


  • When your child is overweight and not yet obese, you have to get a remedy for the weight loss but this must not be herbal. There are worse side effects that can present with this or they may not work. The excess weight would advance to obesity if not managed.


  • Children are known to have frequent emotional blows. You must never use food as a crutch during such times. You would expose your child to obesity.


  • You should reduce soda, sweetened and caloric juice. These are some of the causes of excess weight and they would make your child obese.



  • Endeavor to give your child non food rewards. Even when they perform well in school or hit some milestones, you must not reward with food.


  • Always give your child healthy food and snacks. Vegetables and fruits must always be part of the diet.



  • Encourage your child to engage in physical activities more. This would help the lose weight and remain fit.


The greater role lies with the parent of the child. They set the pace and they model to their children on what healthy lifestyles they need to uptake. This would help reverse the trend of childhood obesity.

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The Causes of Childhood Obesity


It is good to consider the causes of childhood obesity because this is the best way we can prevent it.

You need to deal with a problem when you know its root. Otherwise, you would just have to keep dealing with it because it will keep coming. There are several causes of childhood obesity as you will note.


Causes of obesity in children

 There are different causes of childhood obesity. Let us consider the main ones: 

  1. Genetic and hormonal factors play a role in childhood obesity. There are people who are generally obese and they could pass these traits to their children.


  1. The other cause is attitude influenced. There are parents who believe that being overweight or obese is fashionable. So, they will overfeed their children to ensure that they have this shape that is actually unhealthy.


  1. Some parents barely inculcate the importance of exercise in their children. So, the children never exercise and this has been a great cause of obese. Children need to exercise like adults everyday so that they burn out unwanted fats in the body.


  1. Poor feeding habits are a cause of childhood obesity. Many parents do not understand the risks of obesity and they encourage their children to engage in unhealthy snacking and poor diets that cause obesity.


  1. More than enough calories in the body will cause childhood obesity in children. Actually, this is the main cause. Whereas children need to have extra nutrients and calories to facilitate the daily activities that they engage in for growth and metabolism, there is need to watch the calories intake.

 You see that most times it is the parents who facilitate obesity in their children. They barely grasp the risk there is and they do not even care.

They assume that children do not need any special care in their body yet they expose them to so many unnecessary health risks.

 As a parent, you can choose to change all this. You can choose to block all the avenues that can cause childhood obesity in your beloved children.

At least there are some that you have control over and you have to take the control.

Otherwise, the causes of childhood obesity are not things that you cannot manage to prevent. Be a good model to your child. Practice healthy eating habits and lifestyles and you will see a difference.



Body Mass Index Chart and How to Calculate Body Mass Index


Body Mass Index chart or the BMI chart is just a representation of the ideal body weight and fat that an individual should have when they are healthy. This chart is useful when trying to understand the weight of someone especially when there is suspicion that they could be overweight.

 Being underweight, overweight or even obese is health threat. There are so many other health problems that one can encounter when they lack ideal weight and that is why this chart is very important. However, it is also good that we try to understand how it is developed.


In trying to calculate BMI, there are factors that are usually taken into consideration. These include ones gender, age, height and weight. There are calculators that are available online so what you need to do is just to feed the right information on them and you would have your BMI.


Interpreting BMI


Unless you really know how to interpret the results from BMI calculator, it would be of no use to you. With the right interpretation, you would be able to take the right measures so that you get to your ideal weight. So, let us try to understand the possible results.


  • When you feed your information on the calculator and it gives you a result of 18.5 or less, you would know that you are underweight. You would need to see a doctor for medical attention. Maybe you have a condition that is not being attended to well or you just need nutritional advice.


  • When you get the result of between 18.5 and 24.9, you would know that you are very normal. You have the ideal weight for your height and you need to keep it up and maintain a healthy diet or feeding habit.


  • A result of 25.0 to 29.9 indicates that you are overweight. Now, you have to deal with this problem as soon as possible. You are at risk of conditions that present when you have excess weight.


  • Results of between 30.0 and 34.9 indicate that you are high obese. You should seek help immediately because this is not healthy. Maybe you are already diabetic or even hypertensive.


  • 35.0 to 39.9 signifies that you are already very high obese. Maybe this explains why you are sick on and off and are swallowing those high blood pressure drugs.


  • 40 plus is serious. You are extremely obese and unless you get into a quick weight loss program, you would be done.


It is good that you try and do something once you have known where you are in the BMI chart. Do not just use the BMI calculator and assume everything. Even when your BMI is normal, you need to do something to keep it there. Find some tips that would help you remain healthy.

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How to Calculate Body Fat


 When you have more than enough body fat, your health is at risk. You would also be overweight and you know how dangerous this means.


So, you need to understand how to calculate body fat so that you get to know what is ideal for you at what stage so that you are always living healthy.

 One thing for sure is that your ideal body fat would depend on your gender. You cannot expect men and women to have the same ideal body fat. In the body fat calculator, you would need to specify your gender so that you get to know the right results.

You would need to have the size of your waist at the narrowest point and at the naval point in order that the calculator helps you see your body fat. These measurements have to be available in inches.


 You would also need to know your hip size especially the widest point because this measurement is also used when calculate your body fat.

Women who are pregnant or those who have just given birth cannot rely on these results because it can take time for them to have their belly flat again.

The measurement of the narrowest part of your neck is also used in calculating your body fat. Of course, your height and weight are a must have values for the results to be sensible.

 Why calculate body fat?

 The calculation would help you know where you stand so that you are able to make the best move. You can prevent excess body fat or even workout to burn excess fat. This is a very healthy move.

 Body fat calculation is a health tool that would help you take control of your life. You would be in charge once you know where you are in terms of body fat. You would be able to take the right diet steps.

 The calculation is professionally accepted so you need not worry. There are people who imagine that it is a new invention and so they ignore it. There is no better way to be in control of your health than the knowledge of how you are fairing on the tool.

 If you had never calculated your body fat, you need to take the step now. You need to get to the internet and at least get the calculator and have the results.

Remember though, the information has to be as accurate as possible if you are to get any benefits from it.

Losing Weight

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Ideal Body Weight Calculator 


For you to know your ideal body weight, you need to have the right calculator. There are four different ways that people use to calculate their ideal body weight.

You can consider them to see which one is the best for you. You will find this very helpful in your weight loss plans.  

The best calculator should take into account your weight and height. Your ideal body weight is dependent on your height and you cannot separate these two indicators if you are to get the right figure.


 The 4 body weight calculators


  • There are people who determine their ideal body weight based on the opinions that majority have. Most men imagine that when they have higher body weight, they look good. Well, this could be true but they are not healthy. Then, women on the contrary imagine that when they have unrealistically low body weight, they look good. So, there are people who have determined their ideal weight based on these preformed opinions and this is not healthy at all.


  • The other body weight calculator is the BMI index. This is actually the best because you are able to know how you rate and what is best for you. It is medically recommended and it takes into consideration both height and weight.


  • The other calculator used to determine ideal body weight is the metropolitan life tables. This depends on something known as the frame size. This is the size of your waistline. It takes into account no age modifiers and it gives false reports for short and tall people.


  • Finally, we have the Devine formulas. These formulas were initially used for specific medication doses determinations and they have since ceased to apply. It is amazing though that there are still people who use them.


So, as you can see, you have four calculators to make use. The decision you make will depend on how serious you are and what you are aiming at. It is one thing to know your ideal body weight and completely another to make the best use of the results.

 Should the calculator that is medically recommended indicate that you are over or under weight, you would need to act and do something about it. You have to ensure that you have just the right body weight and fat.

Losing Weight the Easy Way

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Ideal Weight for Height


Did you know that there is ideal and healthy weight for all heights? Yes, ideal weight is not determined by age for adults like it is for children.

For adults, height really matters. You can only know your ideal weight when you know your height measurements accurately.

 As already mentioned, there is ideal weight for each height and this varies from children to women and to men. It is important to have this information because it would help you know how you are doing with your health. Ideal weight is an important health indicator. 

 Where do you belong?

 When it comes to matters of weight, you have to be sincere with yourself. If you are underweight or overweight or even as worse as obese, you have to own up to it for you to correct the problem.

Unless you know what ideal weight is for you, you may never be able to place yourself.

 Again, you have to avoid what others think is ideal. You have to be realistic and probably use the best means to gauge your ideal weight.

You have to turn to the best and to be precise most accurate tools to get to understand your ideal weight. The BMI calculator is the tool to use.

 After placing yourself, you would understand why it is important to stick to a healthy diet.

You would want to understand what there is on weight loss that would help you attain or even maintain just the ideal weight for your height. Believe it that you would never know this while you are still on the dark.

 There are also good weight loss programs that you can turn to but only when you know how much you need to shed off.

So, you have to make use of the BMI to determine your weight before you can understand what you need to have left for your health.

Benefits of Ideal Weight for Height 

With the ideal weight for height, you would have back your self esteem and you would never feel any reason for not fitting in. there are people who have lost friends because they had more than enough weight for their heights. But, they have taken weight loss measures and are now enjoying their weights.

 You too can be part of the success weight loss stories. This however can only be when you know your ideal weight for height


Healthy Weight for Height

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Treatment of Obesity Problem


The fact that you are obese or your child is obese should not mean the end of the road for you.

There is effective treatment for obesity that you can take and you will have back your health. You will actually be able to enjoy the kind of life that you so much desire. Yes, a healthy life.

 Let us consider some of the practical and effective treatment for obesity methods that you can take and see a difference on.

First of all, you need to understand that the treatment for obesity would depend on age and medical conditions that one faces.

 Obesity treatment 

  • The first and very effective treatment mode that you can take is to change your diet and increase the levels of physical activity. As you may already know, these are the main causes of obesity and when you change them, you are probably reversing the effects of obesity.


  • There are medications that you can take or even a weight loss surgery procedure so that the excess fat is done away with. The medications vary and are usually aimed to treat the cause. If you are depressed, you would need to take antidepressants. But we should try to avoid medications and surgery till last possible moment.


  • You must only take healthy snacks. Snacking is one of the causes of obesity and you can choose to snack on healthy fruits only.



  • You also need to limit your taking of sweetened beverages. Sugar causes obesity when it is taken too much. Even sodas are a no-no.



  • Eating as a family helps. It helps concentrate on one activity and so you would even be able to watch the quantity of food you are taking in.


  • You have to stop the habit of eating out. You need to watch what you eat and this is the best way to treat obesity.


  • You have to be committed as a parent to help your child overcome obesity. You will watch what they eat, encourage them to be active and help them maintain healthy lifestyle.


  • If they are under the ages of 7, you will work towards weight management and not just obesity treatment.


So, there is so much you can do in order that you treat obesity. You just need to review the treatment options and find out the one that would be most fitting for your situation and take it.

If you need treatment for your child, then you will also see which one is most applicable.

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Some Very Important Information on Obesity


If you have the latest information on obesity, you will be able to understand why you need to ensure that you are doing something so that it does not get you.

You are also responsible for helping your children, teenagers and even family avoid being obese. So, you have to be aware of what it means.

The prevalence rate of obesity among teenagers, adults and children alike is really worrying. It is on the rise.

You would find that you need to be part of the solution to this problem and that can only be when you have the right information.


Risks associated with obesity  

You need to find out some of the risks that being obese will predispose you to. This knowledge would help you realize the weight of the matter so that you resort to healthy diets and lifestyle.

You will need to get into a good weight loss program when you are obese just so that you avoid the following risks.

  • When you are obese, you are at risk of getting the coronary heart disease. You may or may not be aware that this disease has no cure and managing it is more expensive than even trying to watch your weight.


  • Obesity is a predisposing factor for type 2 diabetes. You need to be careful because this is another terminal illness that has no cure. You can only manage it and it is similarly expensive to live with.


  • There are three types of cancers that you are at risk of getting when you have obesity. You would risk having endometrial, breast or even colon cancers.


  • You can have high blood pressure or some people prefer calling it hypertension when you are obese. Again, this can kill you because you will have to live in drugs for the rest of your life.



  • You can develop stroke when you are obese. You need to find out information on obesity so that you never develop this problem and get obesity.


  • You can even have liver disease, respiratory problems when you are facing obesity. So, you really have to be careful that you avoid getting extra weight.


  • Abnormal menses can start when you have more than enough weight. You can even become infertile when you are obese.

Therefore, you need to be sure that you have the right information on obesity so that you never develop the problem.

This information can be useful to prevent obesity for yourself or even to get the right drive through which you will ensure that you are only living a healthy lifestyle.

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