The Effects of Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder like the name spells is a condition where you eat large amounts of food in a short while.

It is quite different from greed because in this case you always regret at the end of the eating but you cannot do without the habit. It is quite an unfortunate situation.

 We are not ignorant of what this can cause. Usually you will have a backlash of the disorder. As expected, you will have excess weight, excess fat and sometimes this can progress to get as worse as obesity.

Then, you will have to face the trouble of identifying the most effective weight loss program that will help you lose the weight if not reverse the effects of the binge eating disorder. You can overcome this disorder but first of all, let us consider some of the effects it can bring to you.

Effects of binge eating disorder 

Gaining weight is one of the effects that you can anticipate when you suffer from binge eating disorder. Of course sometimes you would not even mind what you eat when the craving comes. You may just eat what is on your way just to satisfy the urge.

This is very risky. You would have all the calories, the fats and the junk food. Soon, after the overweight becomes worse, you will start to suffer from obesity. The progression is usually very fast especially with this disorder because even as you regret you do nothing about it.

 The worst thing about binge eating disorder is that it can get you into depression. As has been mentioned, you would always regret about the disorder and when the regret is too much and nothing good happens, you would be depressed. Depression can kill.

You would lose your self esteem when you do not manage the disorder. Self esteem is a very important asset that we all need to have. For our family, career well being, we need to have a good self esteem. Being overweight can kill it.

Binge eating disorder will deprive you emotionally. It will expose you to unnecessary health risks and it will make life meaningless for you.

You can treat the disorder and at least get back your health and self esteem. What would you do without these two assets?

 Binge eating disorder is not strange. It will stress you but you can be sure that you can overcome it. If others have managed to deal and overcome, it you also can. You would just need to try and lose the weight gained and try to end the disorder.


 The Signs of Eating Disorder


How would you know that you have eating disorder? This is a good food for thought. When you have eating disorder, you need to do something real quick about it before it gives birth to more problems.

The best thing that you would need to do is to try and find out whether you have the signs of the eating disorder.

 Here is s summary of the signs that you can look at to sense that you have eating disorder.

 Signs of eating disorder 

  • You just eat even when you are not hungry. This is a disorder because we eat to kill hunger and when this is not the goal for your eating, then you have a disorder that you need to address.


  • You eat as a result of emotions. When you are angry or pissed, you resort to eating. This is a disorder. When you have something troubling you, you should find out how you can stop it and not eat to suppress it.


  • You eat faster than normal. This sounds strange and that is why it is a disorder. Yes, there are people who just eat abnormally. They cannot wait to swallow the food before they add another in their mouth. They act as gluttons.


  • You eat too much food in a short while. This sounds like the point above but there is some slight difference. It also looks at you speed but also the quantity of food you eat.


  • You eat so much food, but you feel painfully full. Yes, you would eat so much but when you finish, you are full and also have some pain in your stomach and emotions. This is abnormal and is a disorder.


  • You eat in isolation. This is a disorder. Probably, you have realized that you eat in a strange manner that you would not want others to know about. Sometimes you even lock yourself up to eat.

You will note that the disorder is not just about how you eat, like mannerism but the amount and speed of eating. Mannerism can come in but after these two factors.

So, you have to assess yourself to see if you have any of the above signs.

 If you have any of the signs of eating disorder, you need to try and change. The disorder can make you suffer terribly. You will not be able to explain the weight gain until you realize you have a disorder.


How to Stop Binge Eating


Are you worried about binge eating?

You can learn how to stop binge eating. Whatever causes you have for binge eating disorder, it can be stopped. You just need to have the right attitude and determination.

Your attitude will drive you to pursue the prospects. A look at some of the causes would help you find out how you can stop binge eating forever.  

Stopping binge eating 

  • One cause of binge eating is cultural attitudes about shape and weight. If you can manage to overcome these attitudes, you would stop binge eating.


  • Depression, anxiety and stress can cause you to start binge eating. You know when you are out of control, you would not even remember the risks that you would be facing and this can cause you your health. You can put an end to this by trying to manage your stress.


  • Try and spend time with people who love and care about you. They will not hide the truth from you. They will always tell you to stop binge eating because it is a health hazard.


  • Avoid being idle, find something good to do. It is quite important that you learn from the beginning that you ought to avoid being idle as this is the time you would want to eat.


You must also try and practice eating only when you are hungry. You will avoid the habit. You know your body gets used to whatever you encourage it to do.

You will always know that you are doing well when you beat the urge to eat. Binge eating will disappoint you and this is not what you want.

 You can reward yourself when you finally manage to stop binge eating for good. Just ensure that you never turn to a food reward.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle at all times and you will not even have to worry about weight loss. There will be no weight to lose. You will enjoy life this way.

It can take a little will power on your part, but you can definitely learn how to stop binge eating forever and enjoy a healthy life! Hope the above tips will be helpful to you.

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Understanding Teenage Eating Disorder


As a parent of a teenage daughter or son, you will need to be alert to some of their needs because teenage is a transition period that is full of stress.

Remember, your child is undergoing a very tough transition and the challenges that they face are quite emotional and the way they would handle them is what makes a difference.

Some teenagers develop teenage eating disorder because they are reacting to some of the tough challenges that they are facing at the transition age. So, parents need to understand this so that they can offer them the right support. They are still your children.


Effects of teenage eating disorder

 There are two types of teenage eating disorders that you child would suffer from. These are; 

  1. Anorexia nervosa.
  1. Bulimia nervosa.

 The teenagers would react differently when they discover that they have any of these disorders.

For the first type they would usually resort to a strict diet so that they cut on calories. In the second case, they would restrict their diets and whenever they realize that they have overfed, they would induce vomiting.

 This is just a reaction to the disorder. It indicates how the teenagers would be hurt or would be unhappy with themselves when they realize that they realize that they have the teenage eating disorder.

They would develop even worse defiant behavior, they would be angry. The problem or the disorder is usually severe in teen girls than in boys.

The teens would blame it to TV watching and sometimes they even claim that it is from family lifestyles.

 Helping teens facing the disorder 

As parents, we have a major role to play in helping teens out of this problem. We can consider the following three practical ways of helping the teens out of the problem and see how it would go.


  • Establish and execute healthy dietary and exercise plans that would involve your teenager so that they avoid the disorder.


  • Ensure that you purchase strictly healthy foods in your home. These would include fruits, vegetables and salads.


  • Never punish a teenager for having the teenage eating disorder. Instead, work with them to find a possible and practical way to curb the problem.

 If you can manage to do this, you will have helped your teenager. They will be happy about themselves and they will avoid other risky life behaviors such as drugs and alcohol abuse.

You will not lose your beloved child by helping them out of a problem such as this.