Harmful Effects of Being Overweight

 Are you feeling overweight? Yes, when you are overweight you will feel it. You can however do something about it.

You can get into a weight loss program and have that extra weight shed off. This will only be when you realize the kind of risks that you are facing with that overweight.

 Then, it is best that we start here. We need to understand the effects of being overweight because that is the only way you will be alert to the need of losing weight.


You can climb a weighing scale and get your weight and height measurements.

 With the measurements, you will need to get to the internet and locate the BMI calculator. Then, you would need to input the measurements so that your height and weight measurements are interpreted for you.

You would then be able to know how you are doing. If you turn out to be overweight, you have to read on to see the effects.

 The Harmful Effects of overweight


  • If you look at the BMI chart, you would notice that after being overweight and you do nothing about it, you are headed to being obese. So, you are at risk of obesity when you are overweight and this is a great problem.


  • Being overweight increases your risk of getting the Coronary Heart Disease. Most likely you will be overweight due to high cholesterol levels in your body and this is what causes this disease.



  • When you are overweight, you are at risk of having high blood pressure. This kills when it is so high and this is a major problem. So, there is risk of death when you do not manage the problem of overweight that you have.



  • Overweight is also a risk factor to diseases such as diabetes. Diabetes has no cure and so you need to be careful that you never get it. Managing it is also quite expensive and you need not predispose yourself to it.


  • When you are overweight you lose shape. So, you lose your beauty, you appear older than your age and this can kill your self esteem.


The effects of being overweight are all negative. This is why we need to struggle so hard that we never get to become overweight. We need to have healthy dieting and lifestyle habits.

 Alternatively, once you discover that you are overweight; you can try and work on losing weight so that the effects mentioned above do not get near you.

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Burn Off Belly Fat to Get in Shape


 Having fat on your belly can be extremely frustrating. This is because you will need to change your dressing code so that you are able to hide the fat.

Worse of all is when you would be trying to burn off the belly fat to get in shape without success. Even so, you need to know that this is possible.

 Probably, you have been making the mistake that most people do of seeking a solution in desperation.

You can be sure that your prayers have been answered because you have bumped on an article that will not let you feeling hollow. You will get the right directions to help you burn off the belly fat and get in shape. 

There are two important things that you need to know about so that you succeed to burn off the belly fat.

One is that there are pills that work which you need to understand. Two, is that there are also exercises that you can take to help you with this desire.

 Pills that work

 All over the internet you will see adverts for pills that claim to help people burn off belly fat to get in shape.

Some are genuine and most of them just dont work. In order that you understand the ones that work, you have to see the three key pointers in the pills.

 The pills have to be cheap, safe and effective. Of course, this can be quite a task to understand but what you can do is to have a look at some of the testimonials that other users have given back. You would understand that you need to have the feedback that is genuine to be sure of the facts.

 The right exercise

Besides the pills, there are some specific exercises that can help you successfully burn off belly fat and get in shape.

You can take sit ups or the bicycle exercises so that you burn off the fat in your belly. You will need to lie flat on your back while taking these exercises so that you see results.

 Similarly, you can try the suck in gut exercise as well. It also works. What it does is to crunch the abdominal muscles so that you are burning excess calories that are not needed by your body.

 All in all, you need to maintain a healthy diet and you will burn off the belly fat and get in shape.

You are trying to burn off fat, avoid fat and Tran fats by all means. You will enjoy your health.

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 The truth about How to Lose 10lbs in 30 Days

There are some facts that you have to know about when you are trying to cut off some weight that you find to be giving you problems.

You can be sure that when you have the truth in mind, you would get the best of the prospect and you will never have a problem with the recommended tips.

We will unleash the truth about how to lose 10lbs in 30 days and you will be able to understand why so many people distrust the claim. But, you can be able to achieve this dream if you feel so.


The truth unleashed

 The truths that you need to know about are as outlined below; 

  1. This prospect is mostly effective for those who have serious overweight problems. Those who are just overweight and need to slim down may not find it practical to lose 10lbs in a month.


  1. This prospect is possible in the sense that the person trying to cut down would be aiming at a target of losing 2lbs a week. Yes, this sounds a little realistic.


  1. The target should be to lose fat and not weight. Your weight may not change significantly but your size can reduce. You will be on the right track if you can lose fat because this is like permanent weight loss.


  1. You have to be dedicated to seeing the success of the goal. The dedication would help you follow all the steps that you need to follow so that you have the 10lbs get out of your body in a month.


  1. You will need to adjust your diet to reflect strictly fat burning foods. When you consume fats and you burn them, you are not at risk. These foods are available in a wide variety and they are on high quality.


  1. You must have a schedule of training of at least 3 to 4 sessions a week. You just cant avoid trying all fat burning methods that can help you get back on shape when you need to see 10lbs off you in a month.


  1. You have to work out. The workouts have to be those that make you breathe heavily. Taking a stroll cannot be a good option at a time like this.


Yes, you will be happy at the end of the goal to realize that you have managed to burn off fat and that you are 10lbs lighter than you were a month back.

You would climb the scale and you would feel that you need to let everyone know about the achievement.

 In deed, it is an achievement to lose 10lbs in a month. So, take the information you have about the truth on how to lose 10lbs in 30 days seriously and start working a way out for your own body.


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People Lost Weight After Eating Snacks

Do you think snacking is a bad habit? Think again!!!

Do you think that snacking habit can lead to weight gain? You may be wrong.

While frequent snacking habit can be disastrous to your health and weight, but when you do it in controlled way and in a certain manner, then you can  even achieve positive results with it. If you don’t believe me then read what the recent research has to say about it!

A study was conducted by U.S. National Weight Control Registry . It found out that healthy snacks can in fact lead to weight loss rather than weight gain. However you have to snack in controlled measure and not go overboard with it.

First of all, it is advisable to snack during day rather than late in the evenings or night. Secondly, you need to choose your snacks wisely. If you eat healthy snacks then they can help you avoid hunger packs and also overeating at meals.

The study conducted by US NWCR involved more than 5000 men and women. It was found that people who were successful in losing more than 70 pounds often ate during the day. They used to eat snacks between meals. Maybe this prevented them from overeating at meals. But the important thing is that they ate only healthy snacks between meals.

Healthy snacking can provide your body with energy and keep hunger pangs or sugar cravings at bay. Through healthy snacks, you can provide your body with essential nutrients like minerals, fiber etc.

In order to try out this strategy, eat healthy snacks like raw fruits or vegetables between meals. Men should consume snacks in the range of 200-250 calories, while females should restrict their snacks to 150-200 calorie range.

So its good news for the folks. You can actually help yourself in the battle against obesity through the help of healthy snacking. You can read more details on this research here – Healthy snacks for weight loss

By the way, weight loss is a complex task. Learning a few tips from one place or another is unlikely to help you in long term weight reduction. An expert guidance or a good weight loss plan can make your task much easier. Why not try a weight loss program which has been developed by people who have lots of experience in this field?

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Fast Way to Lose Stomach Weight Easily


 Stomach weight is a problem to many people. There are so many people who have been trying every single method that they are promised to help them lose this weight.

Unfortunately, not many have been successful. Some people have even had to undergo surgery so that they get rid of the weight.

 Still, it is so sad that they have not succeeded. Which makes us wonder, is there really a solution to fast stomach weight loss?

In deed, with confidence we can say that there is. You may have been disappointed because you did not know the right method to use.

 After considering this article, you will no doubt come with the best ways that you can succeed in losing the stomach weight that you do not need.

It is best that you follow the tips so that you look beautiful again. You will even be able to dress the way you want to.

 Exercise right

 Because you are interested in losing the stomach weight, you would need to be sure that the kind of exercise you have chosen will work the right way.

You need to be sure that the exercises are taking are the right ones. There are several exercises that can help you lose the stomach weight fast.


 Let us consider five of them.

       Bicycle maneuver is one exercise that will help you lose stomach weight fast. The secret is the cycling effect. As you maneuver, you are probably applying some pressure on the fat that is on your stomach and the fat melts, so it is lost.



       The captain chair is the other exercise that you need to know about. It will help burn the fat that is making you look overweight or is it oversize. The position that you take during the exercise is what makes it possible for you to burn the fat.


       Crunches and especially the vertical leg crunch is another best way to lose stomach weight. The position works like the others to help you lose the weight that you do not want to have on your stomach.


       There is the abdominal rocker exercise that is also very effective. You can be sure that with this exercise you will be able to rock the fat and weight that is on your stomach to remain as slim and healthy as you have always wanted to have.


       Finally, the exercise of reverse crunches also works so well. You will be able to lose the stomach weight and fit in your jeans just the way you used to before the weight got into you.


Yes, when you can make the effort to stick to one of these exercises, you will be able to have a settled mind. You will lose weight real fast just the way you want to see it happen.


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Steps for Preventing Childhood Obesity


 The trends of childhood obesity are worrying. There is need for parents to do something so that the trends start taking the downward trend.

Children are still under parents and when they become obese, it is the parents to blame. That is why, this piece is ideal for all parents.

 You are responsible for the obesity of your child regardless of their age. Whether they are infants, teenagers or any age under your management, you have to be in control of their weights.

 Obesity in your child is a risk factor to many physical diseases such as hypertension and the type 2 diabetes.

 Treating obesity is not an easy task. But, we can prevent it. We can find ways by which we can work out things so that at least the children are not obese.

We will consider some of the most practical ways that parents can buy so that they help prevent the obesity in their children.

 Prevent child obesity


  • Parents should try to avoid encouraging their children to eat as a means of entertainment or even celebration. They can source for better and healthier ways of entertaining their children.


  • Ensure that you never give your child snacks when they are watching TV. You have to control TV watching and also be a role model during that time. You would need to be sure that your child is not feeling sidelined.


  • When your child is overweight and not yet obese, you have to get a remedy for the weight loss but this must not be herbal. There are worse side effects that can present with this or they may not work. The excess weight would advance to obesity if not managed.


  • Children are known to have frequent emotional blows. You must never use food as a crutch during such times. You would expose your child to obesity.


  • You should reduce soda, sweetened and caloric juice. These are some of the causes of excess weight and they would make your child obese.



  • Endeavor to give your child non food rewards. Even when they perform well in school or hit some milestones, you must not reward with food.


  • Always give your child healthy food and snacks. Vegetables and fruits must always be part of the diet.



  • Encourage your child to engage in physical activities more. This would help the lose weight and remain fit.


The greater role lies with the parent of the child. They set the pace and they model to their children on what healthy lifestyles they need to uptake. This would help reverse the trend of childhood obesity.

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How to increase metabolism?

Whenever we eat food, it is converted into energy. Metabolism refers to how the body processes the food that we eat. So metabolism is about the way and not the speed of converting food into energy.

Many people think that in order to lose weight they need to increase metabolism speed. They ask questions like – ‘how to increase metabolism?’

Instead of faster or slower metabolism, it is better to address it as efficient vs inefficient metabolism.

Metabolism Explained Further
There are various components of metabolism as explained below:

Basal metabolism – Nearly 60% of the calories you eat everyday are spent in providing energy for basic and essential body functions which are necessary to keep us alive. Even if we lie in bed all day long, we would still require this much energy for our basic body functioning.

Physical activities
– Nearly 20-25% of the calories are spent for physical activities. Obviously the more physically active you are, the more calories are burned and spent for this.

Food thermic effect – Energy is required even to process and digest the food you eat. If you are eating around 2000 calories per day, you need 10% of this (200 calories) just for digesting that much amount of food you have eaten.

Formula For Maintaining Weight:
Calories consumed = Calories spent in basal metabolism + calories spent in physical activity + calories spent for digesting food

Formula for Losing Weight:
In order to maintain weight you should burn as much calories as you are consuming. To lose weight, you need to reduce calorie intake, or increase calorie expenditure, or do both.

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Hope you found this article useful about how to increase metabolism for fastest weight loss.
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 The Signs of Eating Disorder


How would you know that you have eating disorder? This is a good food for thought. When you have eating disorder, you need to do something real quick about it before it gives birth to more problems.

The best thing that you would need to do is to try and find out whether you have the signs of the eating disorder.

 Here is s summary of the signs that you can look at to sense that you have eating disorder.

 Signs of eating disorder 

  • You just eat even when you are not hungry. This is a disorder because we eat to kill hunger and when this is not the goal for your eating, then you have a disorder that you need to address.


  • You eat as a result of emotions. When you are angry or pissed, you resort to eating. This is a disorder. When you have something troubling you, you should find out how you can stop it and not eat to suppress it.


  • You eat faster than normal. This sounds strange and that is why it is a disorder. Yes, there are people who just eat abnormally. They cannot wait to swallow the food before they add another in their mouth. They act as gluttons.


  • You eat too much food in a short while. This sounds like the point above but there is some slight difference. It also looks at you speed but also the quantity of food you eat.


  • You eat so much food, but you feel painfully full. Yes, you would eat so much but when you finish, you are full and also have some pain in your stomach and emotions. This is abnormal and is a disorder.


  • You eat in isolation. This is a disorder. Probably, you have realized that you eat in a strange manner that you would not want others to know about. Sometimes you even lock yourself up to eat.

You will note that the disorder is not just about how you eat, like mannerism but the amount and speed of eating. Mannerism can come in but after these two factors.

So, you have to assess yourself to see if you have any of the above signs.

 If you have any of the signs of eating disorder, you need to try and change. The disorder can make you suffer terribly. You will not be able to explain the weight gain until you realize you have a disorder.


Introduction to Calorie Deficit

Weight loss is essentially about creating calorie deficit in your body. When you eat the same number of calories that you burn, your weight will stay the same. When you burn more than you eat, you will lose weight.

So losing weight is about increasing the calorie deficit in our body. But there is a problem here. There are healthy as well as unhealthy methods of creating calorie deficit.

What we need to aim for is to create calorie deficit through healthy means. The advantages of doing so are that our weight loss will likely be a permanent one and not a short term loss.

We also need to remember that we should not try to create too big a calorie deficit in the hope of losing weight rapidly. We have to operate within sensible boundaries.

For creating calorie deficit to lose weight, you should do 2 things. Start eating less than you normally do and start burning more calories than you normally do.

You have to do both these things staying within limits. If you try to burn a lot of calories by exercising too much, you are likely to injure yourself or spoil your health.

At the same time, drastically cutting down your calorie intake is also going to do you more harm than good. This is what most of the fad diets in the market do. They try to restrict your calorie intake too much.

Instead of tracking the calories of everything you eat during the day and trying to come up with ways of burning the extra calories, why not take the help of an expert in this regard.

You have 2 options – either consult an experienced nutritionist or weight loss expert who will come up with a personalized diet plan according to your health, body, sex and age. This is the best option, but it can be expensive to seek the help of such an experienced professional. If you can afford it, then this option is definitely a very good one.

A second good option is to go for a weight loss program in the market which is popular one and is designed by fitness and weight loss experts. However, before starting it, you should make sure that this program is a healthy one and does not include unhealthy methods in order to lose weight too rapidly.

A good program is from Tom Venuto – Burn the Fat Program

Tom is a fitness expert and bodybuilder with over 20 years experience in this field. He has written numerous articles on this subject both online and in magazines. So his program does seem to have a lot of credibility.

Another program which can be tried out is the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program.

The Causes of Childhood Obesity


It is good to consider the causes of childhood obesity because this is the best way we can prevent it.

You need to deal with a problem when you know its root. Otherwise, you would just have to keep dealing with it because it will keep coming. There are several causes of childhood obesity as you will note.


Causes of obesity in children

 There are different causes of childhood obesity. Let us consider the main ones: 

  1. Genetic and hormonal factors play a role in childhood obesity. There are people who are generally obese and they could pass these traits to their children.


  1. The other cause is attitude influenced. There are parents who believe that being overweight or obese is fashionable. So, they will overfeed their children to ensure that they have this shape that is actually unhealthy.


  1. Some parents barely inculcate the importance of exercise in their children. So, the children never exercise and this has been a great cause of obese. Children need to exercise like adults everyday so that they burn out unwanted fats in the body.


  1. Poor feeding habits are a cause of childhood obesity. Many parents do not understand the risks of obesity and they encourage their children to engage in unhealthy snacking and poor diets that cause obesity.


  1. More than enough calories in the body will cause childhood obesity in children. Actually, this is the main cause. Whereas children need to have extra nutrients and calories to facilitate the daily activities that they engage in for growth and metabolism, there is need to watch the calories intake.

 You see that most times it is the parents who facilitate obesity in their children. They barely grasp the risk there is and they do not even care.

They assume that children do not need any special care in their body yet they expose them to so many unnecessary health risks.

 As a parent, you can choose to change all this. You can choose to block all the avenues that can cause childhood obesity in your beloved children.

At least there are some that you have control over and you have to take the control.

Otherwise, the causes of childhood obesity are not things that you cannot manage to prevent. Be a good model to your child. Practice healthy eating habits and lifestyles and you will see a difference.