What is the Best Method to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days?

The best method to lose 10 pounds in 30 days is probably the one that you follow each and every day of your life.

It should be healthy and you need to accept and have it as part of your life. It should include a healthy balanced diet as well as a regular workout exercise schedule. 

The secret to this kind of success is by ensuring that you have a plan before hand. You need to plan for all the meals that you take.

Without a plan, you may find that you are taking what is not healthy and that may delay your weight loss prospects.

Try these methods to lose 10 pounds in a month 

  • Carbohydrates are better taken very early in the morning. They have to be good though. The good ones include beans, oatmeal, brown rice and fruit. After 4pm you better just dont take any.


  • Plan for your dinner in a healthy way like you avoid red meat and instead take lean meat and include vegetables in that meal.


  • If you find the need to snack, you can do so in between meals and you can include a protein shake. No sugars at all even when you are taking yogurt.


  • Breakfast is a meal that you must never skip when you need to lose weight in a month. The stubborn last 10 pounds cannot go when you have the habit of skipping meals. Eat all meals and eat right.


  • You can try and have a walk exercise everyday for even just 30 minutes. Fast walk is one of the best ways to lose weight fast.


Remember, in order that you succeed in losing weight in a month, you have to set your mind right. You need to understand that this is a very realistic goal and you can do it with just a little more effort.

 You also need to be willing to adjust to a healthy lifestyle. You would need to define this and try to stick to it. The changes are not about denying yourself food; it is about living healthy and eating healthy.

 So, if you are asked, what is the best method to lose 10 pounds in 30 days, what would you say?

You need to be confident and answer that you need to have the right attitude about the healthy diet and lifestyle you are taking. This along with regular exercise will make even the most stubborn pounds go.

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What is a Healthy BMI for Women?


BMI is a very good measure for knowing how we are doing with our body weight and fat. It helps you know which steps you should take in life.

As a woman, you would be more concerned about your looks and probably having a good shape. BMI for women chart would help you know where you are and what you can do.

 Therefore, you would need to find out how you are doing so that at least you have an idea of where you are. There is a calculator that you can find online to help you get your BMI. You may look good but when your BMI is not healthy, you may be forced to work on it.

 The BMI for women works the same way as that for men or even teenagers. The formula that is used to calculate it is the same. The indicators that are considered are also the same for both cases. So, you actually just need to have a look at where you are.

 Significance of BMI for women 

  • The BMI has to be normal for women. So, a woman should look at the chart and see how well they are doing and what they can do to improve the BMI. The normal values never change.


  • BMI determines whether or not a woman should enroll for a weight loss program or even stick to the diet that they currently have.


  • BMI helps you compare yourself with other women who are of same age, height and even weight like you.


  • BMI is an indicator of whether you are leading a healthy lifestyle or not. You can tell from the way you are fairing.


  • BMI points to you the right weight that you should target from the height that you have. Since you have no control over your height, you can control your weight and you will have it all.


  • All women need to regularly check their BMI so that they know how they are doing and take the necessary steps.

 In deed, you will realize that BMI for women is a very significant weight loss indicator. It helps you get your position so that you have an idea of what targets you need to set for weight loss. You will be pleased to know that all women who have healthy weights have always checked on their BMIs using the same calculator.

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Can you lose weight by simply climbing stairs twice a week?

 Is This Best Exercise for Weight Loss?

In this page, we will try to answer the question in detail. But before that, I want you to check out a new dieting program for  fast weight loss – Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Plan.Now let us continue with our topic…

 Is stair climbing sufficient to be your only exercising for fast and healthy weight loss? Or do you need to combine it with something else? There are differing opinions on this with some people claiming that stair exercises are enough to lose weight and keep it off, while another group of people disagree. The first group thinks that this is the simplest and best exercise to lose weight fast. Let us see both points of view.

Climbing stairs is a very good exercise as it helps in burning a lot of calories quickly. You can burn lots of calories in short period of time. On the flip side, the results seem to be short-lived too. Many of the experts will suggest that you keep your heart rate elevated for longer duration. Cardio exercises are best for this.

You can try to do cardio exercises daily for 30-60 minutes. It can be very helpful in burning away lots and lots of extra calories from your body. If you feel that doing 60 minutes of exercise is very difficult, then you can manage it by doing exercises at short intervals of 15 minutes or so. Do fifteen minutes of cario early in the morning. Then again, in the evenings etc. Thus, by breaking down, you can easily complete 60 minutes of cardio exercises every single day. Of course, you can count the stair climbing in your 60 minutes schedule.

However there are people who absolutely love this simple technique for losing weight fast and easy. For these people, climbing stairs is a superb tool for getting in shape. These people highly recommend stair exercises for anyone who is interested in improving his fitness, stamina, muscular strength and burning calories. They are in love with stair climbing exercises because there is no need for any special equipment.

Your Stair Climbing Exercise Routine
The same rules for other aerobic exercises apply here. You should aim to do these exercises at least twice or thrice per week. You might combine this with strength training if you like. Begin by warming up. In order to warm up, you need to climb the stairs slowly. You can climb anywhere between 15 to 25 flights of stairs in a slow, relaxed manner as a way of getting yourself warmed up.

Come down again (you can take the elevator for coming down). For your second round, climb about 20 flights at a faster pace than the first round. Again take the elevator down. Repeat the rounds and try to increase the speed little by little with each round. You can stop at round number 4 or 5. End it by doing a little bit of stretching exercises to help relax and cool you down.

Please keep in mind not to exhaust yourself too much. If you feel difficulty at any time, stop immediately. You should also consult a doctor before starting this exercise regime, specially if you suffer from any health problems or heart ailments.

Here is a word of caution for the over-enthusiastic. Make small increments. Start by doing this whole workout just once a week, then increase it to twice or thrice. Stair climbing can be very demanding, so only the young and healthy should attempt to do it at a fast pace. Older people may be better off doing it at a much slower pace. However, never forget to take the advice of your doctor first before starting this exercise routine on regular basis.

Even if you do the stair climbing exercises at a slower pace, you can burn a lot of calories. It is said that even with slow stair climbing, you can burn fat almost 3 times faster than just brisk walking. This is what New York Times has reported on the matter, you can read the full piece here – http://consults.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/06/15/stairs-as-fitness-tool/

Stair Climbing is Recommended by Experts
You might be surprised to know that football coaches and even cardiologists recommend stair climbing. Football coaches ask their players to climb the flight of stairs at the stadium in order to be in shape and improve stamina.

Wayne Wescott, PhD and author of ‘Get Stronger Feel Younger’, stresses that stair climbing is one of the most vigorous cardio-vascular exercises. He states that it is actually better to break down a 30 minute workout session into 3 sessions lasting 10 minutes each. He also has other helpful tips for people who want to try out stair climbing as a way to lose weight fast and easy. You can read more about it here – http://www.stopagingnow.com/liveinthenow/article/stair-climbing-a-fast-efficient-anti-aging-workout

Success Stories Shared by People
Given below are some stories shared by real people about the success they experienced with stair climbing exercises.

One person reports that last summer he spent a lot of time running up and down stairs of his house as his parents had come to visit him. The result was he lost 12 pounds during that period. Isn’t that amazing?

Another person who works in a 12 story building claims that he climbs stairs during lunchtime. He does this on regular basis and claims that as a result of this he has developed strong legs as well as improved his overall endurance.

Then there is another person who is either too lazy to exercise or doesn’t have sufficient time. So what she has done is started going up and down the stairs everyday for at least 20 minutes. This is all the exercise she does during her afternoon break at work. She sees this as a very easy and convenient way to get some exercise and maintain fitness inspite of having a very busy schedule.

Stair Stepper Machine Vs Treadmills Vs Real Stair Climbing
Findings of research done by Harvard Medical School in the year 2004 revealed that stair-stepper machines are much better than treadmills for burning fat. You can lose weight faster by using a stair-stepper than you would by walking at the rate of 4.5 mph on a treadmill.

Stair-steppers are better than treadmills because they provide a much higher impact exercise. However, even stair-steppers cannot take the place of actual stair climbing. Real stair climbing has much more to offer than using a machine. Moreover, with real stair climbing, you don’t have to buy any expensive equipment and you can do it at any place or any building which has a flight of stairs that are not too steep.

Stair climbing is really an easy way to lose weight fast. If you do enough of it regularly, then you may shed a lot of pounds and see difference in yourself within a month! And it would be great if you can combine it with a good dieting plan as well, such as this one – Extreme Fat Loss

More Ways to Lose Weight Fast:
Different people lose weight in different ways. Some do it by exercising regularly, some through healthy eating diet plan. There are numerous ways to lose weight in a healthy manner as discussed in different articles on this website. Check out the given articles:

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Best Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat


 If you have belly fat then it is likely that any time you stand in front of a mirror, your thoughts would all be zeroing on how you can get rid of the belly fat.

It can work you out. It can frustrate you. It can derail your progress as your thoughts would all be flooded with the issue.

 It is time you put an end to this kind of frustration. It is time to you took the best ways to get rid of belly fat and got the kind of image that you want.

Who said outer beauty is not important? It is what catches the eye and so it has to be somewhat good. You are responsible for perfecting it.

Hard work pays

 Hard work pays. As you may already know, prevention is better than cure simply because one requires less effort than the other.

Once you let a problem get into you, it would require double effort to get rid of the problem. You would need to be more dedicated than when you were trying to prevent or avoid the problem. 

Once you have belly fat, you have to be extra determined for you to get rid of this fat. It is usually very stubborn but you need to take strength from the fact that it can be successfully removed.

Exercise regularly

 You need to exercise regularly but you need to be taking the right exercise. The following are some of the most effective exercises that you can take so that you lose the belly fat that you do not need.

 You also need to note that you will have to start small and adjust as time goes by. 15 minutes of exercise is just ideal for the starters and then it can be increased bit by bit.


  • Taking a brisk walk uphill. This will help the abdominal muscles flex so that there is pressure in the area and then you burn the fat in that area. It is safe and better than having to undergo that stress of surgery. Liposuction may work but not the way this one would.



  • You can also jog but this has to be on a flat terrain. This will also deal with the abdominal muscles so that eventually you lose the belly fat they do not need.


  • You can also pedal a bike but for it to work you have to set the speed at about 12 miles per hour. This will also deal well with this stubborn fat.


This should help you get rid of the stubborn belly fat in a matter of time. So, give it a try and see how it goes.

 Programs to Lose Belly Fat and Get Slim Easily    

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Tips on How to Lose Weight in 14 Days


Does your weight stress you? Do you feel that it is too much? Well, if you respond yes to any of the questions, you might be going through some very difficult times.

Losing weight is not an easy task although it is the ambition of so many. But, you have to be determined because it can be done.

 Yes, you can lose weight really fast in you know what should be done and you actually do it. That would give you a big smile on your face when you climb the scale to find out how you are doing.

You can trust that if you take the three steps below, you would notice some change in just 2 weeks.

 3 ways to lose weight in 2 weeks 

  • You would need to stick to a ketogenic diet. This diet is not complicated. It is just about taking lean meat, chicken, turkey, lean fish, sea food, eggs or any other non fat cottage cheese. They should not be prepared with fat. This diet should be maintained for the first few days.


  • Then, you would advance to the next set of diet foods that are rich in protein. They must however have low carbohydrates and low fat. This should also continue for a few more days. After you have your ideal weight, you would need to advance to the next level of the diet.


  • The final level of the diet plan that would help you know how to lose weight in 14 days is called the inches off diet. Here, the plan is to have low protein foods. You will be able to get to your ideal weight and you will also be able to maintain your ideal inches and body fat.

 After taking this diet for 14 days, you would need to weigh yourself and see if there is any change in your weight.

There is need to maintain this diet because when you lose weight you will have enhanced the quality of your health and you will have prevented so many diseases from getting to you.

 As you have seen, the tips on how to lose weight in 14 days are not any complex. They are directions that you can easily follow and then in just two weeks you will be back to your feet again.

You will be able to reach the simple goal that you have set.It is possible to lose weight fast even in two weeks.

This can be a small amount or even great pounds. You have to maintain a healthy diet, you also have to maintain a regular exercise plan.

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5 boost metabolism

In your attempt to boost your metabolism, you may get into worse problems if you are not careful.

There is no better way to boost your metabolism than the natural way. So, you need to understand what it means to boost metabolism naturally. Above all, you should apply the tips.

 Boosting your metabolism the natural way is a weight loss tip that is very practical and effective.

It is also cheap as you will not spend even a dime on anything. No pills, no pack food to buy. Anyway, let us look at the tips that you can follow so that you boost metabolism naturally.

You will not spend anything to exercise. You only need to have time for it.

No matter how tight your schedule is, you will have to find at least 30 minutes of the day to do some exercise. It is worth the sacrifice. What would you compare weight loss and good metabolism levels with?

 First meal
In order that you boost metabolism naturally, you need to understand that breakfast is healthy and very important.

You must never skip it no matter what. You would get great rewards when you are able to maintain a good and healthy breakfast.

 Dealing with stress
When you are stressed you may affect your metabolism. So, if you can manage to deal with stress effectively you will be boosting metabolism naturally.

It is true that there are several issues that can stress us in this life but we need to be dealing with the stress. This is one way to boost metabolism naturally.

Water intake
Water has it all. A good water taking program can really help you boost your metabolism. So, endeavor to have water wherever you are. You will not only lose the pounds that you do not need but you will also boost metabolism naturally. It is not complex at all.

Too much calories would affect your metabolism. So when you mind the calories that you take and retain in your body you would be boosting your metabolism. There is nothing you are adding on your system. It is all very natural.

 In deed, it is possible to boost metabolism naturally. You only need to ensure that you apply the above 4 checks and things will be great.

You do not have to spend you dollars on things that may never work. Some would even have worse side effects. Simple tips like these can be great if you want to know how to increase metabolism for fast weight loss.

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 Another good program for maximizing metabolism – Metabolism Maximizer

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Carbohydrates – An Essential Part of your Diet

The perception of carbohydrates in today’s media is that they are some evil substance that can make you fat. However, be assured that everything you may have heard about the weight-gaining ability of carbohydrates is complete fabrication, which is presented as fact, usually to sell dieting products.

Carbohydrates are an essential part of a balanced diet and should, on an average, compose about 60 to 70 percent of our daily food intake. Now, some people may say that they need to take protein after workouts in order to bulk up. You may be surprised to know that carbohydrates have just as much to do, if not more, with muscle building than protein. When you get a good workout, your glycogen levels are depleted, which is just another way of saying that your energy level is depleted. This is because while you are working out, your main source of energy (carbohydrates) is burned up.

So if you have low glycogen levels (or the amount of carbohydrates you have in your body), the body cannot properly repair itself after the strenuous workout. That is why, after a workout, it is best to drink some form of carbohydrate which is quickly absorbed – such as a sugary drink (sugar is a carbohydrate).

Your body gets the required energy quickly, and can use that energy to repair your muscles with the protein you’ve consumed. You may be surprised to know that people are usually taking in too much protein with protein shakes and such (extra calories from the protein is stored as fat).

The average person is taking enough protein throughout the day with the food they eat to get the muscle gains they require. However they most likely aren’t taking the required amount of carbohydrates after workout.

With low glycogen levels it is hard for the body to repair itself, so carbohydrates are vitally important after exercises. This explains why people believe they need more protein after heavy workouts; it’s not a protein problem, it’s a carbohydrate problem.

Eating carbohydrates late at night does not directly affect weight gain. The reason you are gaining extra weight, is a result of the extra calories you are consuming that you normally wouldn’t at that time of night. You could eat extra protein late at night, and as long as the caloric intake is the same as the carbohydrate, the weight gain would be the same. It is extra calories, not carbohydrates, or any of the other food groups which dictate your weight.

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 The Effects of Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder like the name spells is a condition where you eat large amounts of food in a short while.

It is quite different from greed because in this case you always regret at the end of the eating but you cannot do without the habit. It is quite an unfortunate situation.

 We are not ignorant of what this can cause. Usually you will have a backlash of the disorder. As expected, you will have excess weight, excess fat and sometimes this can progress to get as worse as obesity.

Then, you will have to face the trouble of identifying the most effective weight loss program that will help you lose the weight if not reverse the effects of the binge eating disorder. You can overcome this disorder but first of all, let us consider some of the effects it can bring to you.

Effects of binge eating disorder 

Gaining weight is one of the effects that you can anticipate when you suffer from binge eating disorder. Of course sometimes you would not even mind what you eat when the craving comes. You may just eat what is on your way just to satisfy the urge.

This is very risky. You would have all the calories, the fats and the junk food. Soon, after the overweight becomes worse, you will start to suffer from obesity. The progression is usually very fast especially with this disorder because even as you regret you do nothing about it.

 The worst thing about binge eating disorder is that it can get you into depression. As has been mentioned, you would always regret about the disorder and when the regret is too much and nothing good happens, you would be depressed. Depression can kill.

You would lose your self esteem when you do not manage the disorder. Self esteem is a very important asset that we all need to have. For our family, career well being, we need to have a good self esteem. Being overweight can kill it.

Binge eating disorder will deprive you emotionally. It will expose you to unnecessary health risks and it will make life meaningless for you.

You can treat the disorder and at least get back your health and self esteem. What would you do without these two assets?

 Binge eating disorder is not strange. It will stress you but you can be sure that you can overcome it. If others have managed to deal and overcome, it you also can. You would just need to try and lose the weight gained and try to end the disorder.


How to Stop Feeling Ashamed of Being Fat

Almost everyone of us is a severe self-critic. Little imperfections in ourselves make us so much self-conscious. We spend lengthy hours scrutinizing ourselves in the minutest detail. We make big issues of things that others may not even notice about us.

Women may be worse culprits than men in this regard. A recent study seems to suggest that women usually have negative thoughts related to their body about 5 or more times in a day!

This case might be further worsened if someone is fat. Fat people may feel a lot more ashamed of themselves than others.

 They may not feel like going out of their homes because they are ridiculed wherever they go.

While it is important for fat people to try and lose weight. It is also important that they should love their bodies even though they are fat.

If you feel ashamed of yourself then you may suffer a lot. Losing weight may take some time – its unlikely to happen overnight.

 Do you want to keep suffering till that time or do you want to feel comfortable about yourself no matter how you are.

In order to come out of this habit, you need to start loving your body.

You need to learn how to love and accept yourself even though you may not be perfect in every respect. Fat people may need to work a little bit harder at this.

It may initially seem difficult to you to love your body despite being fat and being made fun of many times. You may think that you can never get over these negative feelings however much you try.

But the truth is that if you really try seriously you can slowly but surely get rid of such negative thoughts and start accepting how you are.

How to Stop Feeling Bad and Guilty
First and foremost, we need to stop caring about what others think about us. Most of the times, we care too much about other person’s opinion about us and feel so bad if that person does not think highly of us.

Once you can get into the habit of not caring whether people think good or bad about you, whether people make fun of you or pass comments then you free yourself from the chains that do not let you to live life fully.

Decide within yourself that you will not let others’ opinion or comments bother you too much. Even if you feel hurt or angry, try to overcome those feeling and don’t dwell too much on those things.

Very soon you will find that you are no longer bothered by what people say or think about you.

Once this happens, it can become a lot easier to love yourself despite being fat. You will not feel so ashamed to step out into the world and carry on your day to day activities.

You can find your confidence and self-esteem growing. If you were shy and introvert earlier, you can notice that those feelings might have disappeared or atleast diminished considerably.

When someone discriminates us from others, when people say nasty things about us – we will no longer blame ourselves for it. We will stop feeling guilty for things that were not our fault.

We will realize that it is the other person’s weakness and lack of manners that make him/her behave in such a manner.

You will see that someone who taunts you is actually a person with low self-esteem. Their own insecurities is driving them towards such a behavior.

Instead of feeling angry you may start feeling pity or sad for them. You may even want to help them out of their suffering!

Another great thing that can happen when you turn your thoughts about yourself in the positive direction is that you will start taking better care of yourself!

You will improve your eating habits and take steps to lose weight in a healthy manner. You will start controlling what and how much you eat. You may even start exercising regularly.

Whatever you were unable to practice consistently earlier, you may start doing those things persistently without much difficulty.

Your negative self-image was having a lot of impact on your negative habits which spoilt your health.

Now You Can Start Losing Weight
Making the following improvements may become easier for you once you overcome feeling ashamed of being fat:

1. Start exercising.
2. Start eating healthy
3. Avoiding junk and unhealthy food
4. Avoid overeating
5. Staying neat and clean. Indulging in healthy habits
6. Stop comparing your body with others
7. Stick to your weight loss plan and follow it easily
8. Start having healthy and peaceful sleep
9. Start handling stress better

Just a simple habit of not paying too much attention to what others think or say about you can have huge impact on your life. It can affect how you live and deal with others as well as yourself.

So in order to stop feeling ashamed of your body and start loving yourself inspite of your weaknesses, the first step is to decide that you will not let other people affect you in a negative way. You will not take seriously whatever criticism and tantrums they throw at you.

You might be surprised by the complete transformation of yourself. At this time, you can be in a much better position to try any good weight loss program or plan in order to get your body back in an excellent shape.

The chances of you sticking to the plan and being successful at it can increase greatly now.

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Milk Is The Most Perfect Food

Tips to Include More Milk in Your Diet

Milk is the most perfect food. It contains all the things the body needs in better proportions than any other food. Milk makes strong bodies. It fights fatigue and helps make persona active. It builds strong bones and teeth. Something in milk makes children grow. Children must have milk. Milk is a necessity in the diet of the child and a safety in the diet of the grown person. It is easily digested. It keeps children well by buildiug a resistance to disease. Give the child a chance to be strong and healthy. Give all children milk.

Ice cream is a nutritions desert. It is healthful for it contains much milk. Its flavour coaxes the appetite. You can end your meal in a pleasing way by serving ice cream for the desert.

Skim milk and buttermilk contain minerals which build the bones and teeth, protein which builds the body, and sugar which help keep the foody warm aud gives energy. They are both cheap. Cook with them. They are excellent liquids to use in baking. Buttermilk is a healthful drink as it stimulates the digestion. If you wish to be well and economical use plenty of buttermilk ami skim milk in your kitchen.

Butter is the best fat. It is expensive but it is worth its cost. Butter contains a substance necessary to growth. Most butter substitutes not contain this growth material. None of them have as much as butter. Use butter, cream or whole milk. You need the growth substance.

Cheese is made of the body building material of milk. It contains leas water than most foods. Almost all the cheese we eat is used by the body. There is little waste to it. Cheese can be used in the place of meat. Many attractive dishes may he made by combining it with starcy foods such as potatoes, rice and macaroni. Cheese adds flavor and protein to a meal. It should be eaten only when it is ripe, for when it is green it is less digestible. Buy good health and save money by using cheese in your meals.

Cottage cheese is a healthful food. It is made from the curd of milk. It build the muscles and blood. Use cottage cheese in some of your meals in place of meat. It is cheaper and it is just as nutritions.

It is possible to achieve fast weight loss

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